Are there any monthly costs?

A free to use service

Printseekers is a print on demand company that fulfills print products - both production and shipping. All standard services, including fulfillment, personal manager, mock-up preparation for production, maintaining the return system, communication with shipping carriers & others is done free of charge. You only need to pay for the products themselves and their shipping. We don't have any kind of subscription model.

However, there are exceptions for some special services. One of them is the customer help center, where we charge a flat rate per month to communicate with your customers while you are free to focus on your business. Also, there are extra costs if you want to add any kind of branding options to orders, such as thank-you notes or business cards.

We always let partners know beforehand if something they're interested in costs extra, so they can make an informed decision!

On the 22 July, 2022 Printseekers signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), agreement No. SKV-L-2022/320. The project “Printseekers International Competitiveness Promotion” is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).