How does the return system work?

Hassle free returns

Sometimes, things happen and the customer is not entirely happy with what they received. They request a return or a refund - and Printseekers is commited to help you out! Let's talk about our return system, what situations are covered and what are the steps to file a return or a refund (R/R).

Covered situations

As mentioned on our website, only around 0,22% of all orders fall into the R/R category due to our highly professional production team and experienced shipping partners. Here is the list of situations, when an order is eligible for a R/R: 

  • A product gets damaged during shipping;
  • A product gets lost during shipping;
  • A product gets damaged during production;
  • A product gets produced in an incorrect way (such as blurry image or different looking colors);
  • Other situations if negotiated with a personal manager.

No worries, we take full responsibility for such situations and will make sure that you and your customers are satisfied with the solution!

Note: orders are not eligible for R/R if they are reported more than 10 days after delivery, make sure that your customers know this!

What happens if it happens

Printseekers have a system for returns and refunds - every situation gets solved according to a template. So, here is a summary, including actions from you, your customer & us!

  1. a) Your customer reports to you that they are not happy with what they received;
    b) They report that the package didn't arrive at all;
  2. You ask them for images or screenshots that show what's wrong and find out if they want a resend or a refund;
  3. When you have all the necessary information, fill out our damage / lost form (personal manager will explain the details);
  4. The form goes to our system & we check out the situation - whether it is R/R elegible;
  5. If it is, then we perform the requested action - a resend or a refund. In case of a refund, we will deduct the amount from your next bill, and you can refund your customer.

Final comments

R/Rs are, of course, unfortunate, however, they are very rare and are also a good chance to show to customers that you care! We hope that you find our system simple and effecient. And, as always, feel free to contact your Printseekers personal manager if you have any questions!

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