Our journey

Printseekers is a print on demand company that started out as a canvas print shop. With only an idea and determination in our hands, in time we learned everything there is to learn about printing & ecommerce. Business was booming!

Regular customers were satisfied with our work, so the shop started receiving orders from business customers who wanted white label products with their designs, that they could sell to their own clients. That's print on demand dropshipping!

Which brings us to Printseekers. We founded it to fulfill products for our partners' shops. Not just canvas. Over time, we added new products and implemented new solutions based on our partners' suggestions, such as gold framed posters, and we still do.
Range of partners also increased - from print shops to merch companies, artists with side hustles, youtubers, general businesses & more!

Our journey is ongoing, there is always something fresh to do and try! We are constantly increasing our product selection, tweaking the fulfillment system and looking for solutions to make the partnership more valuable to you!

About us

Our people

We are a diverse team of designers, ecommerce specialists, sales experts and others, but there is something common among all of us - youthfulness. Our people are young, yet very experienced in all things print on demand due to doing a lot of research and talking to experts in the field.

Our goal

We're looking to change the world of print on demand. We'll do this by approaching every partner individually, instead of offering one-fits-all terms. We want to treat every client as a full partner, not just one of many.

Our philosophy

Get shit done is our attitude to everything. If we say we'll do something, we'll do it. No excuses. Instead of just talking about something, we actually go out and make it a reality. Otherwise, what's the point?

Our values

Trust is the basis for every partnership, and it is earned by being honest and transparent. That's what we are doing.
Like our partners, we need to be creative to achieve goals and find solutions. From discussions to products, creativity is our thing.
We're interested in providing the best possible service for our partners, and this includes listening, understanding your point of view.

We live here

Riga, Latvia, Europe

We're based in Riga, Latvia. A great place for international business, Latvia is in the EU and a convenient center for shipping. We can ship to every continent! (though Antarctica might be tricky)

Time to build your business

Reach out to one of our personal managers, then you'll be in good hands!
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On the 22 July, 2022 Printseekers signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), agreement No. SKV-L-2022/320. The project “Printseekers International Competitiveness Promotion” is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).