95% of free sample recipients partner with Printseekers

Confidence in the product you sell is very important - that’s why we offer a free sample to dropshippers before partnering with us!


Become our partners!

In the print-on-demand industry, we are proud to say that we are the industry leaders when it comes to quality - that's why before partnering with dropshippers, we offer them a free sample and 95% of sample recipients become our partners.

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Who can order a free sample?

The purpose of a free sample is to foster trust between us and you - our potential partner.

Free sample is not merely a gift but a trust-building offering specifically designed for online sellers who have already established a store, consistently generate sales, and seek to elevate their product quality.

Note: for new stores, we offer a discounted sample.

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Express shipping in 1-2 days

Free sample orders are our priority - we want them delivered to you as soon as possible.

That’s why we send out all free sample orders on the same day with express shipping - that way, and you can start selling faster!

Bonus: order a free sample and get free custom branding!

When you request a free sample, we'll include an additional free branding service materials at no cost. Branding materials help stores stand out, appear more professional, and make your product more memorable.

Branding materials include custom stickers, thank you notes, certificates, business cards, e.t.c.

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We will get into details about sending a sample after you fill out the form.


You must have an active, user-friendly sales channel (for ex. Shopify/Etsy/Physical store)

You must have made multiple sales in the last 30 days with a similar product that Printseekers offers

If none of these apply to your store, we still offer a discounted sample to our potential partners!

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