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A sample is one of the most important things when looking for a new supplier. Get it for free from us!
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Sample products

Every product is available as a sample, so you can check what your customers will receive.

Check these things by ordering a sample

A sample will let you check out all the important details, from shipping to print quality.

Product quality

A sample is a real, physical example of the product that your customer will receive. So, you can examine and touch it, check the color saturation, test the material durability and everything else related to the quality of the product.


You will be able to check out the potential brand experience that your customers will have. Stickers, thank you notes and other goodies that will make a product uniquely yours.


Packaging is important for both shipping safety and the brand experience. Sample will let you test how safe and aesthetic the packaging really is.


It is important to know how quickly and safely packages will arrive to customers, and which shipping companies are used. A sample lets you check that.

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  • You must have an active, user-friendly sales channel (for ex. Shopify/Etsy/Physical store)
  • You must have made multiple sales in the last 30 days with a similar product that Printseekers offers

    If none of these apply to your store, we still offer a discounted sample to our potential partners!
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