Print on demand wallpaper

Wallpaper dropshipping is very rare and as such it is a hidden opportunity for ecommerce custom print sellers, especially if your designs feature patterns and repeats. Printseekers offer two types of custom wallpaper: traditional and peel and stick. First type requires special glue (sold separately) to be attached to walls, and the second works like a big sticker - peel off the backside and stick to the wall! We will also gladly add goodies to orders, such as squeegees and installation instructions.

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All you need to know about wallpaper prints

About pod wallpaper

Wallpaper is a special type of paper that is used for home decoration purposes, more particularly - for wall decoration. Wallpapers have countless design options - from plain, simple patterns in calm, neutral tones, to magnificent artworks in bold colors. Wallpapers have been used for many centuries and in many cultures. Those became quite popular in Renaissance Europe among wealthy, well-born people.

In recent decades, wallpaper has been in and out of interior design fashion, but now it is coming back strong. This is especially thanks to the newest technologies, such as the self-adhesive material and increased print quality. Meanwhile, the traditional wallpaper business is also at a high point.

Printseekers have two types of print on demand wallpapers - traditional and peel & stick wallpaper (also known as self adhesive or removable). The former type is what people usually think of first, it is a piece or a sheet of printed paper which needs to be glued to the wall using a special wallpaper glue. This process may be tricky, which is why some homeowners hire professional helping hands.

The self adhesive type works differently. It does not require glue for the installation process. All that one has to do is to remove the protective layer from the backside of the wallpaper and attach it to the surface (the backside itself is sticky, just like a basic sticker, that’s why you don’t need any glue). A simple, time-saving option for those who love the various wallpaper designs, but think that the traditional wallpaper installation process is too complicated. This is a DIY-friendly solution.

Wallpaper technical parameters

Wallpaper is sold in sheets. A sheet is 28 inches (~71cm) in width, while the length depends on the customer's order. You can sell pre-chosen sizes in your shop.

In addition to being adhesive or non-adhesive, both wallpaper types have different paper properties. Traditional wallpaper is made of non-woven paper and has a weight of 175 g / m2. It has a smooth, matte feel to it. Peel and stick wallpaper, on the other hand, is a white polyester textile, weighing 380 g / m2. The surface has a special texture, which feels fabric-like.

Printseekers print on demand wallpaper has ISO certificate for safe use indoors, it is PVC free (does not emit noxious, chemical scents), and has a B1/M1 fire rating certificate.

As for packaging, we make sure that safety is a priority, since wallpaper orders often have very high value. Sheets are carefully rolled and wrapped in protective crepe paper. Then they are put in a durable cardboard tube, which is then placed into a cardboard box. Also related to packaging, you can add different goodies to your orders! Classic wallpaper pack ins are installation instructions and squeegees, but items such as notes, stickers, business cards & others are also an option!

Why sell custom wallpaper prints

Nowadays people spend more time at home, especially if they do remote work, so there is much more interest in creating cosy, tasteful, or simply different looking rooms. Despite this interest, there are not many shops who can fulfil the demand, because wallpaper production is a big investment, and, unlike things like apparel or posters, there are not many suppliers who do wallpaper print on demand dropshipping. This means less competition in the custom design wallpaper market, a chance for you to step in!

You can access an even bigger market by convincing people who were sceptical of wallpaper due to its past reputation. There are some who still think that wallpaper is a low quality, permanent, messy room decoration that ruined the interior more than improved it. Now you have counter arguments - easier, non permanent installation (via peel & stick), access to genuinely breathtaking designs from talented artists (such as yourself), and print quality that’s on par with any canvas or posters! This is an audience with untapped potential.

Another thing that's a huge plus is that in most cases wallpaper is bought in large quantities. T-shirts or posters are usually ordered in limited numbers, often one piece per order, but in contrast, we have worked with print on demand wallpaper orders that are 10m² large and more. That's a great profit opportunity!

Design ideas for wallpaper

Classic wallpaper designs feature repeatable patterns - the design repeats the same motifs until it ends on one sheet, and then seamlessly continues on the next one. Patterns include a limited number of related elements, such as leaves or animals, so you can experiment with classics a bit, play with different patterns and shapes. However, the sky's the limit here, because you can print any designs on wallpaper and they don't have to be patterned. You can try creating a mural. A mural is basically a wallpaper that has a single, non-repeating design on it, like a photo or a painting. For example, an amazing landscape photo will make the room look bigger - such wallpaper designs will be popular among those who have small rooms.

As with all products, to create the best designs that also sell best, you have to follow the newest interior design trends, always look out for what people want at the moment and combine that with your unique style. Try to implement your knowledge of interior design into your work, because the thing with wallpapers is that they can drastically change the look & feel of a room.

Printseekers as your wallpaper supplier

Print on demand wallpaper is one of our specialties, we have been mastering their production process since day one! Currently, every wallpaper order gets shipped out in 1-3 business days, and then delivered in 2-7 business days, depending on the destination. Product quality is checked multiple times before shipping.

Feel free to contact us - whether you want to start a partnership, inquire about personalized pricing, or if you simply want to ask a question!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service for?

We have fulfilled custom products for a wide variety of partners:

  • Custom print shops;
  • Artists looking for a side hustle;
  • Merch companies with bulk orders;
  • Independent musicians, streamers, gamers;
  • Businesses that order items for employees;
  • Individual customers & others.

Anyone who has designs and wants them on custom products, can become our partner!

Is the product pricing on the website final?

The product pricing on our website is the "base price". Printseekers can offer discounts in some cases:

  • Large (bulk) orders;
  • Experienced custom print shops;
  • People with a large fanbase that can be monetized;
  • Special promotions & other situations.

In any way, the final pricing will be negotiated with a personal manager, whether it is the website base price or not.

How will a partnership work?

When you become a partner, everything will happen in three simple steps:

  1. You or your customer need a custom print product, so you add an order in our system or let us know otherwise;
  2. We produce the item in our facilities, using our products and your designs;
  3. We ship the finished customized product wherever you need it, and without the Printseekers name!

We are a print on demand service, so all you need are your own designs for us to add to products of your choosing!

Can I get products that are not on the website?

We are always going the extra mile to provide the best print on demand service for our partners, and this includes being forthcoming to product suggestions. There are multiple apparel models not yet listed on the website, as well as other products that are on our radar in the near future. Your inquiry just might speed up their arrival!