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Printseekers shipping practices

Worldwide shipping in 2-7 business days


Europe | 2-5 days


United Kingdom | 2-5 days


North America | 2-5 days


South America | 4-7 days


Australia | 4-7 days


Asia | 4-7 days


Africa | 4-7 days

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Shipping rates

Questions and Answers about Printseekers

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Save Money, unlike other PODs!

Printseekers stands out from other print-on-demand companies by consolidating multiple products into one shipping box for orders headed to the same address. This streamlined approach enhances convenience and affordability for our customers.

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Limiting re-sends

Our quality matters to us. That's why our quality control manually ensures that your orders are flawless and ready to go to your customers, avoiding any problems and returns on the customer side.

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World-wide shipping

Our reach extends across the globe. We proudly ship to every corner of the world, ensuring your products reach your customers in every country, wherever they may be.

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Trusted shipping partners

We have partnered with major shipping companies like DHL, DPD, FedEx, and UPS to ensure reliable and affordable shipping worldwide, maximizing your profit.

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Tax in Europe

For orders shipped to the EU a 21% VAT will be added to both the product and shipping costs. For other countries, no additional taxes are added.

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Shipping FAQ

How do I fulfill / start working with Printseekers?

  1. Visit and sign up.
  2. Input your billing details and complete your account setup.
  3. Integrate your online store with Printseekers or manually fulfill orders.
  4. You're all set!

How long are the production times?

Specific production times can be found at product pages. However, most products are made in 1-3 business days. Together with the 2-7 business day shipping times, it is common that the product gets delivered in the same week when it was ordered!Printseekers partners can always contact their personal manager to find out the status of an order & the current production times. Also, if there are any delays (for example, due to Covid-19 restrictions or busy holidays), we always let our partners know in advance.

Can you ship everywhere?

Geographically speaking, we can ship to most countries and territories on six continents, both urban and rural areas.

However, there are some unique exceptions:

  • Shipping to P.O. boxes is not possible;
  • Shipping to restricted areas, such as military bases, is not possible;
  • Shipping to some very remote locations, such as small islands, might not be possible. It depends on the specific case. You can ask us about a place, we will talk to our shipping carriers and let you know if shipping there is possible;
  • In rare cases, shipping to an area is possible, but it will be very expensive or slow. We will let you know about such situations.

How does shipping pricing work?

There are two main ways to calculate shipping rates in the shipping world. These are flat rates and dynamic rates. We use flat rates. Different countries are combined into zones, and the shipping rate doesn't change within a zone. For example, Italy, France, and Germany are all in the European Union, so shipping to them will cost you the same.

Also, the shipping pricing can sometimes change due to courier changes, policy updates, customs/tax regulations, and other reasons. We continuously update our partners with the latest information.

Of course, the final shipping price depends on the product, its size, and how many products are in the order - you will see the final shipping price when fulfilling your order in our fulfillment system.

Which shipping companies do you work with?

We have regular shipping partners that offer excellent terms in three main areas - shipping speed, rates, and package handling quality.When choosing a carrier for a specific order, our fulfillment team checks which partners can offer the best pricing to the specific destination. Currently, we send packages with either UPS, FedEx, DHL, or DPD.

However, we regularly inspect the available shipping company options based on the three factors in case a better offer can improve the shipping experience for our business partners.We have another article about shipping pricing if you want to learn more! Our approach to shipping, in general, is described on the shipping page.