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Industry leaders in wall art
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Sells canvas online with Printseekers
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‘’If you're all about canvas, posters, and framed posters, this is your game-changer. Top-tier wall art quality plus unmatched fulfillment and shipping speed.’’

‘’Best print-on-demand company for wall art, hands down.’’
Malinovsky | Store founder
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Sells apparel online with Printseekers
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‘’Printseekers for apparel is pure profit. They have the fastest fulfillment system I have ever used.’’

‘’I also love their branding materials my order now stand out and leave a lasting impression.’’
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Sells wallpaper online with Printseekers
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‘’Aside the amazing wallpaper quality, what truly stands out for me is the personalized approach from Printseekers.’’

‘’Whenever there's a problem, my personal manager's rapid responses provide effective solutions.’’
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Because we are:

Industry leaders in wall art

In the wall art niche, we offer quality, size variety, quick shipping, and a diverse selection for your artistic vision.

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Because we have:

Careful and percise quality control

We carefuly inspect every order in our quality control process to ensure that our partners' clients receive flawless products.

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Because we provide:

Fast and rapid delivery

Our limited partner base ensures efficient and swift order processing and super-fast delivery.

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Because we use:

Personal approach

We assign a personal manager to each partner for any questions, and they'll keep you updated on any issues.

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How Printseekers works:


Find confidence in the product that you sell with a free sample! We guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with our amazing quality - that’s why we offer our samples for free!

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Set up your Printseekers account. You can choose to integrate your store or enter orders manually. You can track the status of your orders in the ''My orders'' section.

Printseekers’ fulfillment system

Confirmation & Payment

Once your order and payment is confirmed, it's time for our production team to work their magic.

Print & Ship

Once paid, your order info zips to our production team automatically.

We have one of the industry's fastest fulfillment and shipping times, and we ensure top quality by expertly checking every order in quality control.

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Our fulfillment system

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Elevate your Etsy or Shopify experience through effortless dropshipping integration with Printseekers!

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Manual fulfillment

Choose between seamless integration with Printseekers or manual order fulfillment – the decision is yours!

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