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About pod branding services

If you wish to create a loyal customer base or just strengthen your brand, we advise you to use branding services. They are basically tools, products, pack-ins you can use to make your brand more recognisable, sweeten the deal, increase customer loyalty and more.

This page features just some examples of branding that you can use - print on demand business cards, custom “thank you” notes, coupons, stickers, apparel labels, and stamps. You can create special designs for each of those or just put your well-known logo or catchphrase on these products to raise awareness and recognition from your customers. These custom made branding products will definitely linger in people’s memory for some time!

Branding technical parameters

Most branding options are unique and made for the specific partner, so it's best to inquire about details by asking us directly! We'll gladly tell you more and find the best options for your business needs. Here is an overview about the most popular examples.

Print on demand business cards are a unique product and we can create it the way you want, meaning, you can ask us to create business cards with different textures (including some reflective options), sizes, colors, fonts and more.

Our coupons have different sizes, shapes and colors. The most basic coupons are of rectangular shape, but, again, we can create pod coupons the way you want and in the shapes you want. The “thank you” notes are often larger than business cards and coupons, the basic “thank you” notes are big enough to include a heartwarming paragraph of gratitude. But if you have another vision of what your thank your note should look like, tell us your idea and we will bring it to reality!

Stickers are also made in the shape you want and with your special design. Kiss cut and die cut stickers are the best option if you are looking for more unconventional, unique shapes. Both are printed in your desired shape, but the difference is that the kiss-cut stickers come on a rectangular sheet, whereas the die cut stickers do not. Kiss-cut stickers will work better if the sticker itself has an intricate, complex shape - the sticker sheet protects the edges of the sticker. Usually, single die cut stickers are added as pack-ins.

Apparel label is a small piece of fabric or a print that has your special design on it. Most often it is the logo or the name of the company. The sizes can be adjusted to your needs and designs, so you will have to contact us and tell us what your vision for this branding service tool is.

Same as with the other products, you will have to cooperate with us closely to get your perfect stamp. You can use stamps to personalize your products and make them look unique, so, if you wish to get the most unusual stamps, tell us more and we will take care of them!

Why use custom branding services

Branding tools will help you become recognisable and will give a personal touch to your store & products. All of these things are a smart idea to invest in - stickers are a universal product that can be sticked and found on many things even on the streets. Stickers are always in fashion. People loved and still love to express their inner world in a fun and innocent way - by applying stickers to things.

Print on demand “thank you” notes are budget friendly and amazingly effective branding tools. Those create positive feelings for your customers and show that you, as a business owner, care about each and every one of your customers. And for you it means increased chance of return customers, as well as positive word-of-mouth and social media content.

Coupons are a great way to get something extra for and from customers. People love discounts, and, by giving them a printed coupon, you are presenting them a chance to purchase your products cheaper, which brings more return customers to you.

The purpose of print on demand business cards is to promote your business. Use them to mention details about your store, so that your customers will be able to find you any time, or pass the card to their friends.

Apparel labels give the feeling of a high quality product. Your logo on a label will make your business even more recognisable and the apparel more personal.

Like labels, custom stamps make your business more personal, giving it a unique look and new experience to the customers. Stamps look great on different product packaging or the already mentioned “thank you” notes, business cards, etc.

Design ideas for branding

Speaking of thank you notes, there are many different things you can put on one to make it more powerful and pleasant. Content can range from literally "Thank you for your purchase", to a full letter and anything in between, for example, uplifting, inspirational quotes, or a joke, perhaps. For extra points, you can write that with your hand - it will look classy and more personal. And for the visual part of this note, you can include your logo, or any other art piece you want. Logo would work better from the marketing point of view, but it’s not written in stone what you should include in your note and what you shouldn’t - it’s completely up to you! Sometimes sellers add their signature, so it feels more real.

For business cards, you can choose a sophisticated color (for example, bronze, golden, or sapphire green with gold) or color of your brand to make it stand out. Include information about yourself or your business, such as the name, website, contact email, social media accounts, and more. Include a hand-written signature of yours for a real classy look.

Coupons can be formatted similarly to business cards or thank you notes. Be it a cool design of yours or just a simple text offering a discount, the visual might not be what matters the most, it’s the value it holds! Also, it's quite popular to have two-sided coupons, so you can cram more information in them!

Stickers can be a small, fun gift from you to your dear customers. Create neutral stickers that can be enjoyed by anyone, or, if you want to raise awareness about your business, create stickers with your logo, or the colors that are in it. Think about how the design of the stickers represent your business, what message they carry. The main goal is to create something that would either stay in your customers memory, or will be actually used.

Similarly, you can put your logo on an apparel label. That’s what businesses usually put on a label, as well as useful information about the product, like material, washing restrictions, size etc.

As for the stamps, the best thing you can stamp on your products would be the logo, a symbol of yours, the store's name, your signature or something else, that would simply clarify who you are or what your business is.

Printseekers approach to branding

We encourage partners to use branding because of the obvious benefits - increased loyalty, awareness, more positive reception & social medial content from happy customers. These things are not expensive and are easy to include in every order.

Feel free to contact us - whether you want to start a partnership, inquire about personalized pricing & custom items, or if you simply want to ask a question!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service for?

We have fulfilled custom products for a wide variety of partners:

  • Custom print shops;
  • Artists looking for a side hustle;
  • Merch companies with bulk orders;
  • Independent musicians, streamers, gamers;
  • Businesses that order items for employees;
  • Individual customers & others.

Anyone who has designs and wants them on custom products, can become our partner!

Is the product pricing on the website final?

The product pricing on our website is the "base price". Printseekers can offer discounts in some cases:

  • Large (bulk) orders;
  • Experienced custom print shops;
  • People with a large fanbase that can be monetized;
  • Special promotions & other situations.

In any way, the final pricing will be negotiated with a personal manager, whether it is the website base price or not.

How will a partnership work?

When you become a partner, everything will happen in three simple steps:

  1. You or your customer need a custom print product, so you add an order in our system or let us know otherwise;
  2. We produce the item in our facilities, using our products and your designs;
  3. We ship the finished customized product wherever you need it, and without the Printseekers name!

We are a print on demand service, so all you need are your own designs for us to add to products of your choosing!

Can I get products that are not on the website?

We are always going the extra mile to provide the best print on demand service for our partners, and this includes being forthcoming to product suggestions. There are multiple apparel models not yet listed on the website, as well as other products that are on our radar in the near future. Your inquiry just might speed up their arrival!