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Commercial Stickers

Premium quality stickers in all shapes and sizes with your design printed on them!

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About stickers

Stickers can be found everywhere - on laptops, tables, doors, bags - anywhere with a flat surface., so they are a great way to customize different stuff with minimum effort, including your products and the customer experience!

The idea is simple, we print and cut your design in the shape you want. After that, we put it on the packaging of the product, or add it separately. The customer can simply remove the backside and stick the sticker to a surface!

Looking to sell stickers as a separate product? Check them out here!

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Technology & Inks

Technical information

- PRINTER: Epson SureColor SC-S80610, with 9 different colors and 12 passes

- PAPER: Special paper with adhesive backside. (Will be updated)

- INK: Epson UltraChrome GS3, Eco-Solvent type

Quality Controls

We care about every product

We have special quality checks during sticker production. Our experts control the print quality and how well the item is packaged. This way we are sure that every sticker is shipped in perfect condition.


Safe in any distance

We use special envelopes for sticker packaging. It is reinforced with sturdy cardboard backsides, resulting in safe and inexpensive shipping. The overall packaging is sustainable as well.

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