Mens Sweatshirts

Printseekers’ print on demand men's sweatshirts provide comfort and style on demand. With our range of customization options and efficient printing process, finding your perfect sweatshirt has never been easier. Bid farewell to ordinary sweatshirts and embrace personalized fashion that resonates with your personality.

All you need to know about Mens Sweatshirts

About pod sweatshirts

Introducing sweatshirts – the epitome of comfort and style! Made with a blend of cotton and polyester, these high-quality garments are a playground for your creativity, offering limitless design possibilities. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant graphics or personalized prints, sweatshirts ar the perfect product to showcase your creativity. Step up your fashion game with these versatile and cozy essentials!

Sweatshirt technical parameters

As already mentioned, the sweatshirts are a cotton blend (80% cotton, 20% polyester). The material has a weight of 280g / m2, which is premium in terms of suitability for printing and overall quality. Cotton is a very skin friendly material that lets your skin breathe at all times, while polyester increases durability and other technical properties.

Our print on demand sweatshirts are available in more than 40 different colors. We offer them in sizes XS to 3XL, check out the size chart of the specific product for detailed information.

Printseekers pod sweatshirts can be customized using three methods - DTG, DTF and embroidery. DTG (direct-to-garment) printing is the industry standard. It is similar to printing on paper & uses ink jet technology - the ink is sprayed on the clothing. Perfect for most situations! DTF (direct-to-film) printing means that the design is printed on a special film, which is then transferred on to the garment. It uses the same printers & inks as DTG, however, the film provides better color reproduction, and it can be placed anywhere on the apparel, including inside - works fine for printed labels.

Embroidery is a different customization method altogether. A design gets stitched on, rather than printed on the fabric. The overall process is more complex and expensive than printing, so it is usually used on small areas and with small designs, such as a logo on a breast pocket. Note that Printseekers offer to use embroidery on a limited area - contact us for more information!

Why sell custom sweatshirts

Selling print on demand sweatshirts is a no-brainer for anyone looking to tap into the booming fashion market. With their versatile appeal and widespread popularity, sweatshirts are a staple in many people's wardrobes. By offering customizable designs, you can cater to diverse customer preferences and provide them with unique, one-of-a-kind sweatshirts that will make a lasting impression.

It is worth mentioning that sweatshirts are popular in the relaxed wear movement, where people wear loose, oversized clothing both for comfort and as a fashion statement. These don't have to be unique models, simply offering a normal sweatshirt a size above the usual size will count as oversized. This trend is only growing more popular, so here's your chance to capitalize on it!

Design ideas for sweatshirts

Almost anything can look great on sweatshirts, however, transparent elements (designs without straight borders) are an especially good choice for this product and apparel in general. These include patterns, quotes of all kinds, and designs where the background is cut out, leaving only the subject itself. Honestly, you can put almost anything on a sweatshirt!

In contrast to home decor, a sweatshirt will be seen by many more people, so they are often used as a loudspeaker for different statements and a reflection of wearer's personality. It is worth noting that print area on sweatshirts is not that huge, especially when compared to full size wall art. Due to this, simple designs with few details work best - and passers-by will have enough time to pick up the full meaning of the design.

As for colors, the classics never go out of style - choose black, gray, white or navy blue sweatshirt color, if you are not sure what looks best. Those are neutral colors that always have a good demand in the market.

Printseekers as your print on demand sweatshirt supplier

We have great experience with print on demand sweatshirts, mastering their production process since day one! Currently, every sweatshirt order gets shipped out in 1-3 business days, and then delivered in 2-7 business days, depending on the destination. Product quality is checked multiple times before shipping.

Feel free to contact us - whether you want to start a partnership, inquire about personalized pricing & custom models, or if you simply want to ask a question!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is this service for?

We have fulfilled custom products for a wide variety of partners:

  • Custom print shops;
  • Artists looking for a side hustle;
  • Merch companies with bulk orders;
  • Independent musicians, streamers, gamers;
  • Businesses that order items for employees;
  • Individual customers & others.

Anyone who has designs and wants them on custom products, can become our partner!

Is the product pricing on the website final?

The product pricing on our website is the "base price". Printseekers can offer discounts in some cases:

  • Large (bulk) orders;
  • Experienced custom print shops;
  • People with a large fanbase that can be monetized;
  • Special promotions & other situations.

In any way, the final pricing will be negotiated with a personal manager, whether it is the website base price or not.

How will a partnership work?

When you become a partner, everything will happen in three simple steps:

  1. You or your customer need a custom print product, so you add an order in our system or let us know otherwise;
  2. We produce the item in our facilities, using our products and your designs;
  3. We ship the finished customized product wherever you need it, and without the Printseekers name!

We are a print on demand service, so all you need are your own designs for us to add to products of your choosing!

Can I get products that are not on the website?

We are always going the extra mile to provide the best print on demand service for our partners, and this includes being forthcoming to product suggestions. There are multiple apparel models not yet listed on the website, as well as other products that are on our radar in the near future. Your inquiry just might speed up their arrival!