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How to prepare designs for Printseekers 2024



Need to get your designs ready? We've got your back. In this blog, we'll walk you through the essentials – quick tips, tricks, and must-knows to ensure your prints turn out perfect. Whether you're a pro or just starting, let's make the process behind getting your designs ready clear and straightforward.

Understanding Print File Basics

Let's break down some key terms of print files and design.

Print Size:

The size of your image will be when printed on a product, measured in inches or centimeters. It might differ from the digital image size.

Image File Size:

Measured in bytes, it shows your image's space on a disk or drive. The max upload limit on Printseekers' is 1gb for wallpaper, 100mb for the rest of the products.


Units for digital images on screens. Pixel dimensions count the total pixels across the image's width and height.


Pixel density in an image. For digital images, it's in PPI (pixels per inch); for print, it's DPI (dots per inch).

DPI (Dots Per Inch):

A printing term. It's calculated from your digital image's pixel dimensions and size. Higher DPI means sharper prints, while lower DPI results in blurrier prints.

Let's make it crystal clear with a simple example!

Printseekers Design Guidelines:

For the best design quality, follow these essential rules to ensure top-notch print files when fulfilling orders with Printseekers.

Color profile: Opt for RGB Color Spectrum; CMYK is not recommended.

DPI (print file resolution): Stick to 300 - going beyond won't enhance print quality, only increase file size. (For wallpaper, 300 DPI is crucial for optimal results)

Design ratio / maximum size of the print area: Varies based on the product and the size of the product you order. (if a client orders a 50x100cm canvas, the design needs to match the provided size = 50x100cm (1:2 ratio))

Accepted print file formats:

  • Posters (JPG)
  • Canvas (JPG)
  • Wallpaper (JPG)
  • Apparel (transparent PNG)

How to prepare print on demand poster design:

Posters stand out as one of the most straightforward products for design preparation. While adhering to the previously mentioned guidelines, it's crucial to note that our designs for posters don't require any bleeds or crop marks, and make sure that you're using JPG and good quality designs.

How to prepare print on demand wallpaper design:

Print on demand wallpaper presents a unique opportunity in the market, offering versatility and creativity. Let's guide you through the specifics of preparing designs for this print on demand wall art product.

Printer Width and Paneling:

Our wallpaper printer boasts a width of 150cm / 59", allowing for expansive and detailed designs.
We cut our wallpaper into panels to facilitate easier and more cost-effective shipping. Our recommended panel widths are 48cm/19" or 72cm/28".

No Overlapping Sides:

Unlike some wallpaper options, our wallpaper does not have overlapping sides by default. This is due to the specific nature of our wallpaper, eliminating the need for overlaps in the design.

Two Uploading Options:

  1. Full-Length Design File: You can provide the entire design file in its full length, suitable for both murals and pattern designs.
  2. Pattern Design with Size Specification: Alternatively, you can upload the pattern design and specify the pattern size in the notes section. This method ensures accurate pattern repetition tailored to the size of the order.

How to prepare print on demand canvas design:

Canvas design preparation is quite straightforward, mirroring the guidelines of posters. The key consideration lies in the sides – Printseekers offers three customizable side options: color, continuous, and mirror.

Color: You can choose a specific color in #HEX for the sides of the canvas.
Mirror: The design will be mirrored on the edges of the canvas (the most popular option).
Continuous: The image will continue over the edges of the canvas.

To achieve the continuous sides effect on a Standard Canvas, adding an extra 2cm to your design for each side is recommended. This ensures that the design seamlessly wraps around the sides of the canvas when stretched. If you opt for our Gallery Canvas, add an extra 4cm to your design for each side. If you order a 60x90cm canvas, for a standard canvas, the design file will need to be 64x94cm, but if you order a gallery canvas, the design will need to be 68x98cm.


For the best design quality, follow these essential rules to ensure top-notch print files when fulfilling orders with Printseekers. Good luck designing!

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