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Essential Shopify Apps for E-Commerce Success


Shopify's robust and user-friendly platform has enabled countless entrepreneurs to turn their dreams of e-commerce success into reality. But here's the secret sauce that takes your Shopify store to the next level: the right apps.

In this blog post, we'll dive deep into the world of essential Shopify apps that can supercharge your e-commerce venture. From streamlining operations and enhancing customer experiences to boosting sales and marketing, these apps are the tools of the trade for achieving e-commerce excellence.

Best Shopify apps for customer reviews and ratings

1. Loox – pictures and product reviews

What if we told you that you could drastically increase your sales for a product if it just had a few reviews? Sounds too good to be true, right? Consequently, there's a 270% greater chance of your product being purchased if it has as little as 5 reviews as compared to a product with no reviews!

Introducing Loox, a Shopify reviews app that takes your store's review game to the next level.

What does Loox do for your store?

  • Automatic review request emails are sent to customers when they make a purchase
  • Asks customers for reviews (while also offering discounts and vouchers for adding pictures or videos)

Key features

  • Make your best product reviews standout across your store
  • Customers are encouraged to leave a review for tempting incentives
  • A beautiful variety of display options: Grid, List, Carousel, Popup, and Sidebar

Shopify rating

  • 4.9/5 stars
  • 13,077 reviews


  • 14 day free trial
  • Plans begin at $9.99/month

Customer review

2. Gorgias – helpdesk & live chat

An incredibly easy-to-use interface that packs all the customer support services in one place - Gorgias. It offers a platform where e-commerce shop owners can manage their customer support hassle-free and efficiently. 

The CRM is designed to support every sort of channel, be it emails, live chat, or phones and social media.

Gorgias can help your store by:

  • Making it easier for your customer support team to engage with customers
  • Allowing you to easily sort out order details, refund, cancel, or duplicate, and you don't even have to leave the app for any of it

Key features

  • Efficient customer support across multiple channels in one place
  • Easier to manage multiple Shopify apps for billing, subscription, and loyalty rewards
  • Extensive billing and support queries can be catered to with ease

Shopify Rating

  • 4.4 stars
  • 619 reviews


  • 7 day free trial
  • Plans starting for just $10/month

By the way, did you know you can outsource customer service to us,, as well? If you are our client, we will gladly take on the task of communicating with your customers in your name. That way you don’t have to worry about customer service at all and you can pay attention to more important business tasks. Contact us to learn more!

3. Wonderment – order tracking made easy

Many customers all over the world have to go through the hassle of generating WISMO (Where Is My Order?) tickets when their packages are lost or delayed for some reason. First things first, we don't want our customers panicking.

And that's why Wonderment is the call to make! Boring order tracking is turned into a growth channel by proactive shipping tracking. Through Wonderment, you can direct customers to tracking pages for a better user experience.

How does Wonderment help your store?

  • Lowers the amount of Where Is My Order? tickets for your store
  • You get to improve customer experience, loyalty, and retention as they trust your store to buy products

Key features

  • Minimizes shipping blindspots
  • Prevents Where Is My Order? tickets
  • Leverages customer retention and drives repeat customers

Shopify rating

  • 5/5 Stars
  • 62 reviews


  • Starting from. $99/month with yearly payment discount

4. Joy: Loyalty & Rewards Program

Rewards, incentives, deals, and discounts. Remember these words, because customers absolutely love them!

And because of that, it's time to introduce the Shopify Ecommerce app, Joy. Joy implements an automatic earn-and-spend point system that customers can utilize to earn hefty rewards and incentives. Customer loyalty at its peak!

How does Joy help your store?

  • You can create custom pop-ups on-page and offer welcome discounts to customers
  • Utilising the same method, you can also ask them to sign-up for your loyalty program
  • Joy helps you set up different loyalty tiers, spending requirements, and a lot more.

Key features

  • Automatic reward points system for shares, reviews, or spending on the platform
  • Increases customer's overall lifetime value as they invest and get rewarded in return
  • Empowers brand royalty and eases customer experience.

Shopify rating

  • 4.9/5 stars
  • 1,139 reviews


  • Free plan available
  • Pro $29/month

Best Apps for Leveraging Sales

5. Instafeed – Instagram integration in your website

Instagram is one of the most used applications in the World. Because there are so many people using Instagram, it's one of the best marketplaces out there to promote and sell your products. Instagram is such a lively shopping space and millions of people use it to shop weekly. 

Now let's talk business. Instafeed allows you to make use of all the people who shop through Instagram. Once the app is integrated with your Shopify store, the custom shoppable Instagram feeds will be displayed directly on your website.

What Instafeed helps your store with:

  • Your Instagram content is directly displayed on the website, ensuring that updated content reaches your audience
  • An amazing tool to create social proof. You can showcase user-generated content on your website and convert visitors into customers

Key features

  • Automatic site image updates keep your store fresh at all times
  • Customizable layout how to display pictures
  • Store page speed remains intact

Shopify rating

  • 4.9
  • 1,321 reviews


  • Free plan is available
  • 3 day free trial
  • Pro plan starts at $6/month

6. Printseekers – Print on Demand

Dropshipping is a trending side hustle as well as a full-time job these days. And Printseekers deserves an honorable mention. Printseekers is a print-on-demand dropshipping and warehouse service. You only have to be creative, and the rest is managed by Printseekers.

You don't have to own stocks and piles of products. Orders are placed, and a print-on-demand service is carried out, one by one. Starting your own e-commerce business has never been a breeze, but now it does seem like it.

How do you leverage Printseekers services?

  • You don't have to do any work aside from creating likeable designs
  • The products are sent straight to the customer without you ever having to lay even a finger on it

Key Features

  • You don't have to pay any upfront cost to Printseekers. Only pay when an order is placed and that's it
  • Orders are sent to your customers under your brand name (so they don't know you did it through Printseekers)
  • Customizable product packaging to maintain your brand's uniqueness


  • Free
  • Only charges are applicable when orders are received, and delivery charges

Want to start working with us, Feel free to reach out and start your print on demand venture as soon as possible! Contact us here and we will connect you with an experienced project manager to get you started.

7. Outfy – Automate Social Media

Creating social media content for your store and then posting it separately one by one to each different channel, again and again. What a drag! You would opt for an app that could post everywhere at once, wouldn't you? 

Then, Outfy is the solution you are looking for! Outfy is the perfect Shopify app to create product ads, gifs, collages, and publish them to high-end social media sites like Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and more.

How can Outfy help your store?

  • Automation feature – allows you to not only curate engaging posts, but also helps you to publish them automatically to all your social media networks
  • Helps you to effectively promote your store on different social media platforms and increase engagement

Key features

  • Promoting your products on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube made easier
  • Curate smarter hashtags for your products and reach a bigger audience
  • Variety of customizable templates and themes to create the finest promotional content

Shopify rating

  • 4.7/5 stars
  • 1,250 reviews


  • A free plan is available
  • 7-day free trial
  • Plans start from $15/month 

Helpful Elements and Page Builders

One of the reasons why Shopify is so easy to use is because it has templates for everything. A downside to it is the fact that you often cannot customize the layout as much as you would like to. And that’s where landing page-building apps on Shopify come in. Here we have listed three of the best landing page builders, you just have to choose what suits your situation the best!

8. Shogun Landing Page Builder

Shogun is an incredibly easy-to-use drag-and-drop page builder. Be it blogs, product pages, landing pages, and theme sections, Shogun has got you covered.

What Shogun brings to the table:

  • Ease! Yes, that's right, whether you are a beginner or a designer with 10 years of experience, you can set up a catchy landing page with ease.
  • A great variety of templates to choose from – including mobile-optimized templates


  • Drag-and-drop page library to maximize ease
  • Complete mobility for experienced designers to use advanced systems (HTML/Liquid, CSS, and JavaScript) to create custom elements
  • Hassle-free customization of blog pages, landing pages, and more

Shopify rating

  • 4.8/5 stars
  • 3,191 reviews


  • Free plan is available
  • Plans start at $29/month

9. PageFly Landing Page Builder

A landing page builder that will help you craft fantastic web pages without any code at all – PageFly is a free solution to generate conversions! 

PageFly helps Shopify store owners make beautiful and enchanting web pages, from landing pages to blog pages and FAQs. It also features a custom library that comprises a generous amount of elements, templates, custom animations, and even trust badges like Ratings, Reviews, and Deals.

Why build with PageFly?

  • It is a very good alternative to many paid no-code web page builders
  • Easy to use, just drag-and-drop and enjoy conversions

Key features

  • Curate SEO-friendly pages that don't slow down your store
  • Drag-and-drop editor combined with advanced lead-generation element library
  • Mobile and tablet display responsive
  • Customizable screen sizing individually
  • Compatible with all sorts of themes

Shopify rating

  • 4.9/5 stars
  • 8,243 reviews


  • Free plan available
  • Paid plan starts at $24/month

10. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer is a codeless Shopify app that enables Shopify store owners to create their amazing store with any page type, including Landing page, Homepage, Product, Collection, About us, and more.

What's even better is that EComposer is beginner-friendly, so even complete novices won't have trouble using it. It's best to drive greater conversions, and it's mobile-first optimized.

Why EComposer is one of the best page builders for your store:

  • If you are a complete beginner at page building, EComposer is perfect for you
  • Page building with EComposer is a quick process, so it's easy and fast – you save lots of time


  • In-built design library comprising page layouts, templates, and lots of elements
  • In-built add-ons like Ajax Cart, Color Swatch, Image Optimizer, Cross-stelling and more
  • Very customizable, as you can build sections that your theme does not support

Shopify rating

  • 5/5 stars
  • 2,047 reviews


  • Free plan is available
  • Standard plan starts from $19/month

Store Analytics

11. TrueProfit: Profit Analytics

Researching analytics is crucial to run a truly profitable business. Let us introduce you to TrueProfit. True Profit quickly tracks your profits in real-time. It allows you to synchronise ad spends, track costs, profit and loss, and a lot more.

Why choose TrueProfit?

  • Bid farewell to manually editing spreadsheets (that are prone to human error)
  • You have all your store's metrics gathered and analyzed in one place
  • Based on valuable insight from TrueProfit, make calculated and data-driven decisions to improve your store's analytics

Key features

  • Net profit tracking – check real-time profits anytime!
  • Auto-tracking all costs – COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold), shipping, transaction fees, or any custom costs and more
  • Sync ad spends from different social media networks in one place
  • Evaluated product analytics
  • Lifetime customer value, P&L report, mobile app and more

Shopify rating

  • 4.8/5 stars
  • 195 reviews 


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic plan starts at $25/month 

12. Triple Whale Analytics

Triple Whale is a store analytics app that features a unified dashboard to analyze all sorts of metrics related to your e-commerce store. These analytics are pulled from Shopify, Kalviyo, Facebook, Gorgias, and even more, making it a top analysis application.

Brands like Doe Lashes, Muddy Bites, and Obvi have had flawless experiences with Triple Whale and these top stores implement Triple Whale's analysis-derived strategies on a daily basis.

What Triple Whale can offer your store:

  • Stunning source to gather true data that helps you make better decisions
  • Be it integrations, social media platforms or e-commerce-specific AI, Triple Whale covers all the data points and helps you with the customization and personalization of your brand

Key features

  • All metrics from all your platforms combined in one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Real-time decision making made easier
  • AI that detects anomalies and leverages insights
  • In-depth insights and data visualization for best ad performance

Shopify rating

  • 4.4/5 stars
  • 19 reviews


  • Free plan available
  • Growth plan starts at $129/month 


Be it enhancing customer support or creating stunning landing pages to analyzing metrics and insights. There's an essential Shopify app for everything that can be optimized. 

Shopify store owners always have space to improve their stores and add to sales and conversions. The world of business remains uncapped. The sky's the limit. And that's why all of these apps come in handy!

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