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All you need to know about print on demand canvas

In this blog post, learn about print on demand canvas - types, selling points, ideas & more.


When thinking about wall art, a painting is one of the first things that comes to mind. Unfortunately, they’re quite rare and expensive, and as such, are not a mass market product. Well, what if we told you that you can sell digital (or scanned physical) paintings, but printed on the same material as an actual painting? That’s print on demand canvas for you! Let’s go over all the aspects of those, from the technical overview to design ideas & more. 

Introduction to print on demand canvas

There are different kinds of canvas products, but it’s important to note that the same name applies to a material - it is a plain-woven material (made from cotton, linen, or polyester) commonly used for items such as sails, tents, backpacks, and, of course, art & art prints. Printseekers offer two main material options - cotton or polyester. 

So, what products can you print on demand from the canvas material? 

The most basic option is the canvas roll, or rolled canvas, which basically means a print on the material without any additions. It is easier to ship and the least inexpensive canvas product overall. However, it doesn’t have the presence that other options have. Moreover, if people buy a canvas roll, then it is likely they’ll go get it stretched or framed at a third party shop. You can keep that revenue for yourself by selling “pre-assembled” types of canvas, more on that below. 

The most well known type of canvas products is the stretched canvas (also called traditional canvas). That’s when the canvas roll is stretched on a rectangular wooden frame - looks like an actual painting with depth, presence & everything! These are made ready-to-hang, with all assembly done at our production facility and featuring an attached sawtooth hanger right out of the box. Printseekers stretched canvas come in two main varieties - standard and gallery. The main difference is the thickness of the inner frame - 19mm vs 38mm. While the thicker frame looks more amazing, it is also not suited for decorative frames, unlike the 19mm option.

Take stretched canvas one step further, and you get multiple panel wall art - multi panel canvas (multi canvas). The idea is that a single design gets spread across 2 or more pieces to create a unique interior design statement! And you can sell multiple pieces in a single order. 

Last, but not least, there are also print on demand framed canvas. The name says it all - a stretched canvas put in a decorative floating type frame. There’s a space between the edges of canvas and the frame, so it looks like the artwork is floating - a great effect! In the case of Printseekers, you have a choice between golden, black and silver frames, though you can also talk to our team about custom options. 

An example of multi panel canvas.

Why you should sell print on demand canvas

Okay, so with our pod service you can sell great looking canvas, but why should you do that? What are the benefits of canvas business and why do people purchase such a product?

Canvas more or less belong to a similar category as posters - it’s wall art. However, for sellers, there are some important differences. Canvas are more of a “premium” type of product which can be sold with a higher markup, since it looks and feels similar to a painting. I.e. the perceived value of canvas is quite high - people think it’s okay if they cost a lot. Revenue per sale will be higher than posters, and even more so when compared to apparel. 

Since poster is the classic pod product, there is relatively large competition. Canvas, however, are a bit less mainstream, so it would be easier to stand out, and marketing-wise, they’re very well suited for digital paintings and other arts-ey designs, because the product is essentially a painting, but with a printed design. 

Speaking about marketing, canvas can be marketed quite well. They are a popular gift product, especially if there is a personalization option, and a good, neutral present for less close people. Interior design is another angle - a wonderful solution to those who want something new in their dwelling, something fresh, something that would improve the interior without much work needed. A customer doesn’t need to renovate the whole room or buy a new apartment to feel the fresh vibes of changes. You can also use the premium nature of the product, do limited editions, signed versions and more! 

Last, but not least, canvas are arguably one of the most arts-iest ways to display designs. If you want to sell your designs at their best - go for canvas! The size and the texture will provide unmatched authenticity. This is especially true for digital paintings and similar art designs. 

Canvas - a wonderful accent for any room!

Inspiration for canvas designs

Canvas, as mentioned, are well suited for full size art. Of course, you decide what designs to create, but we have some inspiration and suggestions. Since the design is printed, you have a wide variety of art mediums to put on canvas, including photographs, digital art, scanned physical paintings and more. 

Nature designs are quite neutral and quite popular - those look good in any room, give a feeling of freedom and calmness. Wonderful for workplaces to relax one’s mind. If basic nature sceneries are not a challenge to you, try mixing something up! Combine nature with sci-fi elements, pieces of the past, and basically, just have some fun! 

Motivational ones also have quite a demand right now. People need something that would keep their spirit up, that’s why designs with some inspirational quotes are in demand. Such canvas are great in the work environment, in exercise rooms, and home offices. Dig up some really motivational quotes and squeeze them into your designs! Give people the motivational drive they are looking for!

Also, seasonal designs are worth considering. For example, during the Christmas season, create heart-warming designs with some Christmas-y patterns and elements, or, during Halloween, give people something really scary and creepy, something that would give them goosebumps (creepy designs would look amazing in golden framed canvas!). Adapt your designs to different festivities and keep your product sortiment updated - that’s how people won’t lose their interest.

A design that motivates

Printseekers for your print on demand needs

As you might have guessed, we do print on demand dropshipping! Canvas are one of our specialties, every piece is handcrafted and quality-checked. There are more than 60 sizes available, including custom ones, as well as two material options and two thickness variations for stretched canvas. The base prices can be found at the product pages, but don’t be shy to contact us if you’re already running a business or have a decent sized follower base - we’re open to talks about pricing, as well as other topics. 

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