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Our canvas frames are called "floating frames", because the space between the edge of the frame and the canvas itself makes it seem like the artwork is floating. Printseekers have perfected the print on demand framed canvas process: we print your design on art-grade canvas material, then frame it, add branding goodies if needed and ship the safely packaged product directly to your customer.

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All you need to know about framed canvas

About pod framed canvas

Canvas is a type of fabric made out of cotton or polyester. It is often used by painters because of the great durability, and as such is also well suited for printing. The texture and the heavy-duty feel provides authenticity to any design. 

As mentioned, canvas is the name of the material, but multiple print products can be made from it. Arguably the most popular of those are the stretched canvas, sometimes called traditional canvas. Individual pieces of wood are combined in a rectangular frame, and then the canvas fabric gets put (stretched) onto that frame. Note that this is not a decorative outer frame - an inner frame is purely functional. The final product has depth & presence, sort of like a painting, but with a printed design. 

Stretched canvas are ready-to-hang on their own, but it doesn’t mean that this is the only way to display them. You can take it to the next level by selling print on demand framed canvas. We offer the so-called floating frames for stretched canvas, which are a bit different than, say, frames for posters. The most noticeable feature here is that there is a space between the edges of the canvas and the inner edges of the frame. That is what creates the “floating” effect. Also, you may notice that these frames do not have glass of any kind (such as plexiglass).

Our website features canvas frames in three finishes - black, gold, silver. For other options, feel free to reach out to us! 

Framed canvas technical parameters

All our pod framed canvas products have a thing in common - the fabric material. You can choose between 300g / m2, 99% cotton option, or 220g / m2, 100% polyester one. The inner wooden frames for stretched canvas are all made from locally grown pine trees. The floating frame is also made from wood, and there are multiple finish options. 

Largest framed canvas size is 150x100cm. All the classic sizes are available, including 60x40cm and 60x90cm framed canvas. If you are interested in custom sizes, let us know!

Framed canvas packaging is optimised for great cost effectiveness and safety. We use cardboard corners, bubble wrap and a cardboard box to make sure every order reaches the customer in perfect condition. And on the shipping label, there is only the name of your shop!

Why sell custom framed canvas prints

For customers, framed canvas are a great alternative to framed posters for two reasons - the texture & depth of a painting, which feels more premium, and the floating effect - a great interior design statement. It is also a popular gift product if marketed right. 

From a business perspective, canvas in general are a great product to sell, because they have high perceived value. Despite low production costs, you can set a high price tag - customers will think it is worth it, especially if you sell exclusive, limited edition, or simply really amazing art pieces unavailable anywhere else. Compared to products like apparel, the profit margin per order will be bigger. 

You can further increase the perceived value of canvas by framing them - definitely looks more amazing & premium! Urge your customers to get their canvas prints framed at your own shop - you’ll gain revenue which might otherwise be lost to third party frame shops. 

Design ideas for framed canvas

Framed canvas are well suited for classic, full-size art. Originally, the canvas material was used by painters, so it makes sense that digital or scanned physical paintings look fantastic on it. Since large sizes are an option, sceneries are a good option - in addition to the great view, they also make rooms feel bigger. So, if you specialize in creating nature & landscape designs or photographs, selling framed canvas might be a great option for you! 

Another popular direction is the motivational artwork. Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time, whether at work or private life. A big motivational piece on the wall might just work. There are different approaches to this genre, from witty quotes and wordplays, to imagery of success, such as cars, famous entrepreneurs, powerful animals, you name it. 

Last but not least, now is the rise of the personalised canvas prints, where customers can choose certain aspects of the final design. Examples include maps with customer-chosen cities, digital pet portraits, favourite recipes & more.

Printseekers as your framed canvas supplier

Print on demand framed canvas is one of our specialties, we have been mastering their production process since day one! Currently, every framed canvas order gets shipped out in 1-3 business days, and then delivered in 2-7 business days, depending on the destination. Product quality is checked multiple times before shipping.

Feel free to contact us - whether you want to start a partnership, inquire about personalized pricing & custom sizes, or if you simply want to ask a question!

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