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4 great reasons why content creators should do print on demand dropshipping

Well, title says it all! Custom print products are your monetization opportunity as a content creator.


Business for creative people

So, you are an artist who creates great designs, but, unfortunately, doesn’t make any money from them? A creative person who does non creative things to get some income? Well, we’re here to tell you that there is a way to monetize your creativity with ease. That way is print on demand dropshipping. If you’re unfamiliar with this business model, feel free to read our previous blog entry! Now let’s talk about the reasons why POD can work out for you as a content creator.

Simplicity even for beginners

Not many creators that we know have experience in business. Therefore, it could be complicated to start your own shop, but in reality, it’s not. All the complicated shipping and production aspects will be handled by a supplier, so you’re left with the relatively fun stuff, like designing the look of the shop, creating ads, managing social media.

Hands free to still be an artist

This is an important one. Creators need time to work on new content, and in business, there is always the risk that different problems will take too much time. However, in POD, most of the day-to-day duties are done by the supplier. After setting up a shop, a lot of things will happen automatically for you, leaving a lot of time to, well, be a creator!

Keep creating while business booms in the background!

Risk free income

For a content creator, every penny matters, and big, risky projects that may result in financial loss are not embraced. POD is a different kind of beast - you have very little running costs, because the supplier handles fulfillment. You only have to pay the supplier when you receive an order, meaning that you pay when you can pay. This way, it is possible to avoid losing great amounts of money.

A great way to bring your work to the masses

For example, if you create digital artworks, you will likely post them on Instagram or some other social media, right? What if we told you that it is not the best way to display art? Firstly, many websites compress images, leading to a loss of quality. Secondly, an artwork on the Internet is just an image - no sensation of depth, no frame, nothing. Thirdly, it is fairly complicated to monetize digital work. POD offers a solution for all three problems. Your art would be printed on a canvas or fine poster material, leading to maximum possible quality and the feeling of a real painting. It can be framed and hanged. And when you sell one of these, you earn a good amount of money!

Imagine, a customer's home full of your artworks!

Sounds interesting, right? Feel free to contact us, and we'll tell you more!

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