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How To Use Stickers To Gain More Sales In E-Commerce?


There are a lot of stores in the world of online shopping. What distinguishes one store from another, then? Marketing and branding are the solution. To brand is to give personality to your business. It helps customers remember and identify your store. Contrarily, marketing is the process of informing people about your business and the products you sell. Branding and marketing work together to increase traffic to your shop and revenue.

Let's now discuss stickers as a creative and entertaining way to market your business. Yes, those tiny, vibrant, and sticky objects. Stickers are not only for kids or used in home décor. They may be an effective tool for online retailers. People remember your store when they see a sticker with a logo or a humorous design. 

On laptops, bags, phones, and other items, it functions like a tiny billboard that is portable. Additionally, stickers are relatively inexpensive but still have a big impact. Stickers can be a clever way to increase the number of people who know about and patronize your business.

The Power of Stickers in Marketing

The Psychology Behind Stickers: Why Do They Work?

Stickers are more than just pieces of paper or plastic with a design. They have a special power in our minds. When we see a sticker, it feels personal, like a gift or a token. This feeling makes us connect with the sticker and, by extension, the brand or message it carries.

Also, stickers are often seen as endorsements. When someone puts a sticker on their laptop, car, or notebook, it's like they're saying, "I like this, and I support it." This can make others curious about the brand or message, too.

The Cost-Effectiveness Of Stickers Compared To Other Marketing Tools:

Money is always a concern in business, especially when it comes to marketing. Here's the good news: stickers are not expensive. But even though they don't cost much, they can reach a lot of people.

Think about it. If you give out a sticker, it might end up on someone's laptop. Then, every time they use their laptop in a cafe, library, or school, others see the sticker. It's like getting many ads for the price of one sticker.

Compared to other marketing tools like TV ads or big events, stickers are way cheaper. But they can still make a big impact. This makes stickers a smart choice for businesses, especially those with a tight budget.

Benefits of Using Stickers in E-Commerce

1. Enhancing Brand Visibility And Recognition

In the big world of online shopping, a store needs to be seen and remembered. Stickers can help with that. When a store uses stickers with its logo or a special design, people notice. They might see the sticker on a package, a laptop, or even a car. Every time they see the sticker, they think of the store. Over time, this helps more people know and remember the store's name and what it sells.

2. Building A Community Around Your Brand

People love to belong and be part of something. Stickers can help create this feeling for a store's customers. When customers get a cool sticker from a store, they might put it on their things. When others see it, they might ask about the store or even want a sticker, too. This creates a group of people who like the store and feel connected to it. They might even talk about the store with their friends or on social media. This helps the store have a group of loyal fans.

3. Encouraging Repeat Purchases Through Loyalty

Everyone loves to get something extra. Stickers can be that little extra thing that makes customers happy. When a store gives out stickers with purchases, it's like a small thank-you gift. Customers appreciate this. They feel good about buying from the store and might come back to buy more. If the store has special stickers for regular customers or big purchases, it can make customers feel special. They might choose to buy from the store again to get another sticker or to complete their sticker collection.

Creative Ways to Use Stickers in E-Commerce

1. Product Packaging

When people buy things online, they wait excitedly for their package to arrive. The moment they open the box is special. This is called the 'unboxing experience'. Stickers can make this moment even better. Imagine opening a box and seeing a bright, colorful sticker with a fun message or the store's logo. It makes the whole experience feel more personal and fun. It's like the store is saying, "Thank you for shopping with us!" in a creative way.

2. Freebies With Purchase

Everyone loves getting something extra when they shop. Stickers can be that little extra gift. Some online stores give out special, limited-edition stickers when customers buy certain items. These stickers can be collected, traded, or used to decorate things. It's a fun way to reward customers and make them feel special.

3. Interactive Stickers

Technology has made stickers even cooler. Now, stickers can have QR codes on them. When someone scans the QR code with their phone, they can see special deals, videos, or other content. For online stores, this is a great way to connect with customers. For example, a sticker's QR code might lead to a secret sale page on the store's website. Or it might show a video about how a product is made. It's a fun and modern way to use stickers.

4. Loyalty Program Stickers

Some online stores have loyalty programs to thank their regular customers. Stickers can be a part of these programs. Here's how it works: Every time a customer buys something, they get a sticker. Each sticker is different. When the customer collects a certain number of stickers, they get a discount or a special gift. It's like a treasure hunt, and customers love it. They come back to the store again and again to complete their sticker collection and get their reward.

Examples of Successful E-Commerce Brands Using Stickers

  • Apple: Apple, the tech giant, has been including their iconic apple-shaped stickers in the box with their products for years. Many Apple product enthusiasts proudly display these stickers on cars, laptops, and other items, showcasing their brand loyalty.
  • Redbubble: Redbubble is an online marketplace that allows artists to sell their designs as stickers (among other products). The platform has seen massive success, with many consumers purchasing and showcasing these unique stickers on various personal items.
  • Vans: The footwear and apparel company Vans has been known to include branded stickers in online orders. These stickers often find their way onto skateboards, laptops, and more, further promoting the brand.

Tips for Designing Effective E-Commerce Stickers

1. Keeping Designs Consistent With Brand Identity

When you design stickers for your online store, it's important to think about your brand. Your brand has colors, styles, and a feel that makes it unique. Your stickers should match this. For example, if your brand is fun and playful, your stickers should be too. If your brand is more serious and professional, your stickers should reflect that. This way, when people see your stickers, they instantly think of your store.

2. Ensuring High-Quality Print And Material

A sticker is only as good as its quality. If it fades quickly or peels off easily, it won't do its job. So, when you make stickers, choose good materials. The print should be clear and bright. The sticker itself should be strong and stick well. This way, your stickers will last longer and look better. And when people see a high-quality sticker, they think of a high-quality store.

3. Making Them Versatile

Stickers can go anywhere on laptops, phones, notebooks, and more. So, design your stickers to fit different places. They should look good, big or small. They should stick well to different materials. Also, think about how people will use them. Some might put them in their car, while others might put them in their water bottle. Your stickers should be ready for anything. This way, more people will use them and show them off.


E-commerce is a bustling space. Every day, new stores pop up, and the competition gets tougher. But amidst all the noise, there's a simple tool that can make a big difference: stickers. As we've discussed, stickers are more than just decorative pieces. They carry the power of branding, marketing, and customer engagement.

Stickers, when used right, can boost brand visibility. They can turn customers into loyal fans. They can even become a fun part of the shopping experience. Think about it. A small, colorful sticker can make an unboxing moment special. It can be a reason for a customer to choose your store over another. And in the world of e-commerce, these small moments matter.

But like all tools, the magic of stickers lies in how you use them. Design them well, keeping your brand in mind. Make sure they are of good quality. Use them in creative ways, from product packaging to loyalty programs. And most importantly, share them with the world. Include them in shipments, offer them as bonuses, and show them off on social media.

If you're an e-commerce business looking for a fresh marketing idea, give stickers a try! You can order your stickers here with as at Check out our page about stickers to learn more and contact a personal manager to order your batch!

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