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8 Awesome University Swag Ideas that Students Will Love


8 Awesome University Swag Ideas that Students Will Love

When it comes to fostering a sense of belonging and school pride, there's nothing quite like the allure of university swag. From cozy hoodies that become second skins during late-night study sessions to stylish accessories that proudly proclaim one's alma mater, university-branded merchandise has the power to forge lasting connections between students and their educational institutions.

In this article, we will go through an array of university swag ideas that are bound to capture the hearts of students everywhere. Whether you're a university administrator looking to revamp your campus store offerings or a student eager to sport the latest and greatest in school gear, you're in for a treat. Join us as we explore innovative, trendy, and timeless swag options that will not only boost school spirit but also make a statement on campus and beyond. So, gear up and get ready to dive into the world of awesome university swag that students can't resist!

1. Water Bottles as university swag

One of the most necessary items that students carry at all times – other than smartphones – is water bottles. Be it university students, college students, or even high school kids, water bottles are a must.

There are a variety of materials water bottles can be made of. The different materials contribute to different looks and they send a message about your values. 

Glass and metal bottles are the sustainable choice. Glass bottles will look classy and elegant, but they are more prone to breaking. Metal bottles can be printed in different colors and they can have interesting patterns, like leaves, plaid, etc. Metal bottles can be used in university classrooms, offices, and even gyms. They are definitely a very versatile choice.

And then there are plastic bottles. They are lightweight and therefore a great companion for everyday use. If you choose plastic bottles, just make sure it is BPA-free. 

Another option is insulated water bottles. They will be great for keeping water cold on hot days or keeping a drink warm for those who like to sip something hot on a cold day.

How to use a water bottle as successful university swag:

  • Implement catchy designs on the bottles, fun quotes and sayings, and your University branding
  • The colors should be vibrant – students will love it! Pink is the highlight these days, so a (Barbie) pink bottle in the selection is a must!

2. Tote bags and backpacks as university swag

A tote bag is a great addition to anyone's bag collection. It can be used as a main bag or as additional storage for items that don’t quite fit into your regular day-to-day bag. And of course, it is the best bag where to put groceries and other purchases.

That said, it is just logical that a tote bag is a trending item these days, especially in universities. A tote bag is perfect for carrying a laptop, notebooks, an extra jacket, a lunch box, and other student essentials and non-essentials. It fits everything you might need on campus! To give students what they want (aka tote bags) invest in the making of custom tote bags with a printed emblem of your university.

If you are interested in creating custom tote bags for your university, feel free to contact us,! We are a print on demand company and we will gladly help your vision come to life and land on an amazing tote bag.

A backpack, on the other hand, is still a highly valuable item as a student's accessory. Carrying around books, chargers, bottles, and whatnot around the campus is too much of a hassle without a good backpack. So, why not give students a backpack option where to put all their stuff in? A bag with your university logo is a wonderful idea!

Keep in mind when ordering backpacks and tote bags, they should be of the highest quality. Students will use these items daily, and they will be tossed, stuffed, and scraped. You want your university logo to be on items that can withstand a good amount of usage and still look great.

How to use a tote bag and a backpack as a successful university swag:

  • Add to the bags a university emblem/logo
  • You can also use a quote or illustration as a main attraction of the bag but don’t forget to add the university logo as well
  • Colors! Again, a variety of colors for tote bags and a few solid colors for backpacks

3. Custom journals and notebooks as university swag

Journals and notebooks? Yes, journals and notebooks. But with this tech buzz all over the world, do students – or anyone – even use journals and notebooks anymore?

Surprising, yes! Students still use notebooks and there are definitely people who prefer taking notes with pen and paper. Also, with the advancements in technology, there have also risen a lot of problems associated with technology overuse. For instance, using exclusively technology devices for studies can be harmful to your eyesight and some studies suggest that overuse of technology can negatively impact memory retention.

Therefore, what better item to offer to your students than notebooks and journals? They will be a useful tool for students to take notes and rest their eyes and minds from technology for a while. Branded university study notebooks are a great way how to make students feel welcome at your school and how they can be a part of your school tribe. It’s almost like an identification marker. These journals and notebooks, lying all over the library, dorm rooms, and classes will surely send a deep message to anyone who catches its glimpses!

How to use notebooks and journals as a successful university swag:

  • Brand your university logo on the journal and notebook covers
  • High-quality paper and covers are preferred
  • A journal that comes with a pen holder is as attractive a journal as it can get

4. University swag hoodies and t-shirts

Hoodies and t-shirts are very common to wear all around universities, colleges, and schools. If there's one superb idea for what to giveaway, it's this. They are a classic university and college item and will look great anywhere on the campus. Be it in the classroom, the grounds, the cafeteria, or on a study spree in the library.

Why create university swag hoodies and t-shirts through a Print On Demand (POD) service?

  • Print On Demand is cost-effective and budget-friendly
  • You don't pay anything for the material costs or printing, you just pay for the product
  • You get to decide the printing design on the merch. This way, printing your university logo/emblem will be a breeze

If you are interested in printing your own hoodies and t-shirts, be sure to contact us! Here at, we offer full print-on-demand services, including printing hoodies and t-shirts. For your items, you can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes. Check out our hoodie selection here, and t-shirt selection here!

5. University swag lanyard

Does your university or college ask for identification when entering the school? If so, a lanyard with your university logo is one of the best swag items you can choose. It will be a very practical item for students to use – they can hang their school ID in the strap and it won’t get lost and will be easy to access. The lanyard is also good for students who like to go for a run and take just the keys with them.

A lanyard can contain a university logo as well as a quote. There is a metallic holder at the end, so students can hang whatever they need, from school IDs to keys, and other small items. A lanyard as a free giveaway item is a great option since students will get a good amount of use out of it, and it is quite a budget-friendly choice for you.

6. Hand sanitizer with a portable holder

University life is full of leaps and bounds. As much as these bounds count, just how many times have you thought about washing your hands but it wasn't convenient at that time? You must have longed for even just a little bottle of hand sanitizer, only if you had…

That's probably the reason why students will absolutely adore a hand sanitizer that has a portable neoprene holder. They can just attach it to their backpack or any purse, and boom! They won't be inconvenienced ever again, especially not when they need to clean their hands.

Why choose hand sanitizer as a university swag item?

  • A small university logo/emblem will go everywhere where the student goes
  • It is a very helpful thing to have on the go
  • More students will use hand sanitizer which will lead to shorter sick leaves as they will eat with clean hands every time. Looks like it's an upvote to higher attendance and higher scores this semester!

7. University swag vacuum insulated mug

There comes a time in every student’s life when they start to lean on coffee as their prime source of feeling awake. Late-night study sessions or weekend party vibes – a college or university student needs a coffee mug!

And that’s where vacuum-insulated mugs come in. They are made up of stainless steel so they can keep hot liquids hot, and cold liquids cold. That coffee won't need a microwave again and that juice won't need a chiller. This promotional item will be loved and extensively used by students and even the university staff. 

Students can take this vacuum mug to class with them, to study in the library, or even to the gym for some HIIT. It is an item that will follow wherever a student goes.

How to use vacuum insulated mug as a successful university swag:

  • Make sure to feature your university's logo/emblem over the mug
  • It's an essential item that does not cost a lot so it is budget friendly too
  • It makes your student's study life a lot easier which is a plus point

8. Custom-designed mobile phone accessories as university swag

University students (and any humans these days) do everything with their smartphones. Students use it for studies, transport, listening to music, connecting with peers, and so on.

That said, smartphone accessories are a great idea for university swag. Some of the most commonly used smartphone accessories (that you can customize) are:

  • Data Blocking USB Charging Adaptor: Students can keep safe from malware or any data theft from charging sockets in public places.

  • Cell Phone Wallets:  Students can not only keep their phones in this case, but they can also keep their Credit/Debit cards, some light cash, as ID card.

  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers: Bluetooth speakers mean any group of students can enjoy good music anywhere and make connection with each other for life.


  • Earbuds: Earbuds are a great way to show support for your students so they can take online lectures anywhere without disturbing anyone or just listen to some music to relax!

  • AirPod Cases: Custom-made AirPod Cases that have your University's logo/emblem on them are a great idea for those students who like their tech accessories to be customized.

  • Promotional Popsockets:

Popsockets are a very useful accessory to have for a smartphone user. Better grip and hold over your phone really puts your mind at ease, so it's a very good giveaway item for university students.


As we wrap up our exploration of these awesome university swag ideas, it's evident that the power of school spirit knows no bounds. The carefully curated selection of swag items showcased here not only enhances the campus experience but also serves as tangible reminders of the journey through higher education. From practical and stylish apparel to innovative tech gadgets and timeless classics, there's a piece of swag for every student, staff member, and alumni to cherish.

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