How does the partnership work?

Selling custom print products made easy

Read through this article & find out the answer, how does the partnership work? In short - it's print on demand dropshipping!

Print on demand is a business model where an item (print product) is made only when it is ordered - there is virtually no inventory. Dropshipping is a business model where a customer orders an item from one shop, but it gets made by a different company. Putting those two terms together, you get a definition for print on demand dropshipping. It is a business model where a customer orders a print product from one shop, but it gets made by a supplier, who produces the item only when it is ordered. The shop provides the designs which need to be printed on physical products, and the supplier has the equipment & infrastucture to actually fulfill the item in the name of the shop.

Here is a practical example of how the partnership works:

  • You have products listed for sale online, for example, a poster with your custom design. Usually sellers have a shop (Shopify, Etsy, etc.), however, other options are possible, such as selling on Instagram;
  • A customer buys the poster from you online, and you get revenue;
  • Printseekers receive the order information from you, then produce and send the poster to your customer;
  • The name "Printseekers" isn't written anywhere, package only has your or your shop's name on it;
  • You pay to Printseekers for the poster and its shipping, the remaining money is your profit.

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Printseekers print on demand partnership

Starting a partnership with Printseekers is easy - contact us by filling a form or scheduling a call and one of our personal managers will reply quickly! This person will work with you the whole time right from the start to efficiently guide you in your business journey. If you already have some experience in selling or a large fanbase & you know what you want, then order a free sample from us - it's a quick way to check out our qualities. In addition to this, there are multiple other reasons why choose Printseekers, including branding options for your business, bulk pricing, smooth & swift shipping and more.

On the 22 July, 2022 Printseekers signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA), agreement No. SKV-L-2022/320. The project “Printseekers International Competitiveness Promotion” is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).