How does the partnership work?

A partnership between Printseekers and a print shop owner is based on a business model called print on demand dropshipping. It works like this:

  • You have products listed for sale online, for example, a poster with your custom design. Usually sellers have a shop (Shopify, Etsy, etc.), however, other options are possible, such as selling on Instagram;
  • A customer buys the poster from you, and you get revenue;
  • Printseekers receive the order information, then produce and send the poster to your customer;
  • The name "Printseekers" isn't written anywhere, package only has your shop name on it;
  • You pay to Printseekers for the poster and its shipping, the remaining revenue is your profit.

For more details, feel free to contact us! Also, you can check out our useful blog about print on demand dropshipping.