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How to make money while traveling – ideas for digital nomads


How to make money while traveling – ideas for digital nomads

Becoming a digital nomad allows you to break free from the conventional office cubicle and embrace a life of location independence. But the question arises: How can you sustain your wanderlust while still making a steady income? In this article, we'll delve into many exciting opportunities and practical ideas that enable you to earn money while traversing the globe.

Remote job

Nowadays there are lots of options for how to earn money remotely. You only need to have a computer and a solid wifi connection.

Keep doing your current job

The easiest way to earn money on the road at the beginning of traveling is to keep your current job. If you are working a 5–7 job by the computer and don’t do in-person client work, maybe it is possible for you to transfer the job to 100% remotely. Especially if you are a senior employee and have earned the trust of the management. All you need to do is to ask, and you might get the response you are waiting for!

Find a similar remote position in your current line of work

If it is not possible for you to transfer your current job to a remote job, consider applying for a similar position but one that is already remotely available. When looking for remote jobs you can also look outside your country and maybe find something desirable somewhere else. In that case, you just need to figure out the taxes, but other than that with the current trend of globalization it is easy to work for anyone in the World from anywhere.

Learn new skills

There is always the option to learn new skills and offer them in the labor market. Have you always wanted a creative profession? Or maybe to learn to program? You can now do that and even get paid for the job you do!

Video Editor

Video content is extremely popular nowadays and lots of content creators are looking for some help in editing videos. It can be YouTube videos or short-form clips for social media. You can take online courses to learn more about the topic and then it is just practice, practice, practice!

Graphic designer

As well as video content, any other digital content is still in high demand. It means that if you have always dreamt about earning money with a creative job, this is your chance! Take online courses, learn the basics of graphic design, and start designing! Create your portfolio and look for clients.

Virtual Assistant

Another popular remote job is a virtual assistant. It is a person who does all the small and big assistant tasks, just online. It can be managing an e-mail, answering messages on social media, doing research for blog posts, entering data, etc. The tasks depend on the company or person you would be working for.

Digital marketing-related jobs

All that starts with “digital” might work for a remote position and that includes digital marketing jobs. If you are not a digital marketing specialist, you can learn and pick up new skills. You can apply for digital marketing vacancies or aim more toward social media marketing. Social media managers and ads specialists are high-demand professions these days.

Also if you do or want to learn Google Ads, it is another great option how to earn money remotely – offer your services and set up Google Ads for clients. Becoming a copywriter is another great way how to keep the money flowing while on the road.


Programming is another job that you can do very well remotely. If you are not a programmer yet, there are lots of options to learn different programming languages online and start working in the field relatively soon. Programming is very flexible and you can do it in-house remotely or work on a project base. It all depends on your desires and needs.

Opening an e-commerce store

An e-commerce business is another great option how to earn money online aka remotely. If you choose to do print on demand dropshipping you don’t even need to have an inventory, all your job can exclusively be online.

Print on demand dropshipping is a business model where you sell items with your print designs on your e-shop, but the items are printed and shipped by a third-party partner. So, when you get an order in your shop you pass it on to your printing partner. They print the item, pack and ship it in your name. You don’t need to handle the physical products, all you need to do is to manage the shop, work on marketing and sales, and provide customer service (but you can outsource that as well!).

It is a perfect business model for digital nomads since all the work is online and you need very little initial investment to start the business.

If you are interested in starting a print on demand dropshipping business, feel free to contact us,! You will be matched with a personal manager who will help you achieve all your goals.

Content Creator

If a travel lifestyle is what you are aiming for, becoming a content creator is a great idea. You can become a travel content creator – then you will be able to travel, capture all your adventures, and earn money for it. Or you can choose to create content in an unrelated field that is still close to your heart. You can even work as a content creator for someone else, for example, as a writer. Either way, content creation is something you can do on the go! 

If you choose to work on creating an audience for yourself, for example, a Youtube channel, blog, or social media account, it might take time until you start earning enough money to support a travel lifestyle. However, over time it can absolutely become a great source of income.

Starting a Youtube channel

Video content is something a lot of people like to watch, and it is definitely something to check out if you are interested in content creation. Find a topic you enjoy, and start creating!

Starting a blog

Contrary to popular opinion, blogs are definitely not dead and are still very relevant. If you have knowledge of a specific topic and you like to express yourself in writing, a blog could be a great medium for you!

Becoming a social media influencer

Social media perfect way how to marry video content creation with a little bit of micro-blogging. If you like to make short-form content, don’t want to worry about maintaining a digital property (for example, a blog), and don’t mind hanging out on social media a lot, it could be the perfect content creation opportunity for you!

Earning opportunities with content creation

People who are content creators for themselves (for example, they have created a Youtube channel or blog) usually get money from several income streams. Some of them are:

  1. Affiliate marketing. It means a content creator earns a small commission when a purchase is made through a link they provided. There is no extra charge for the buyer.
  2. Display Ads. Another option is to place ads on a Youtube video or on a blog post. Whenever people see the ad or click on it, the content creator gets a small commission.
  3. Sponsorships. Brands often try to collaborate with content creators to gain access to their audience and authenticity. If some content is sponsored, it means that the creator was paid to talk about the product or mention it in their content. Usually, the opinion about the brand is honest and true to the content creator.
  4. Merchandise. Content creators often also make their own merch either with phrases they often say or just their logo. It can be a hoodie, t-shirt, tote bag, or anything else!
  5. Exclusive content. Another option is to create exclusive content, for example, paid membership on Instagram or Patreon.

Odd jobs on the spot

Another option how to earn extra income is to find a job in the area you are staying. The jobs can vary starting from dishwasher and dogwalker to waiter or even something in your specialty, depending on your skillset and language requirements. Don’t be afraid to ask around and in the process make new friends!

Odd jobs online

You can pick up odd jobs not only on the spot but also online! For example, there are options to play games and report bugs, answer different questionnaires, translate or transcribe texts, write resumes, enter data, and so on. You can even install a cookie program on your browser and get paid for access to your internet surfing habits.

Final thoughts

Now, with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and a sense of possibility, it's time to pack your bags, fire up your laptop, and set off on your digital nomad adventure. May your travels be filled with extraordinary moments, meaningful connections, and the satisfaction of creating a life that truly blends work and wanderlust.

Safe travels and endless success on your digital nomad journey!

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