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5 awesome print on demand gift product ideas

Make the most out of special occasions by selling gift products!


Time for gifts

The special occasion is coming, whether it is Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving, Christmas or anything in between. People are rushing to get first or last-minute gifts for their loved ones. These times of the year can be tough and stressful for all of us, but how can you, a custom design print business owner, make the most of this gift-buying frenzy? What are the best print on demand products and designs you could offer your customers to make their grand search easier and their loved ones satisfied? 

Grab a pen and be ready to take notes, because this article has everything you need to know in order to turn your products into awesome gifts. 

Thoughtful gifts for everyone

Each and every one of us is different. People have different interests, opinions, hobbies, and preferences. Your task is to create product designs that are appealing to everyone (well, at least to majority), so that nobody feels left out regardless of the occasion – what’s the point of giving something that will most probably gather dust in the attic among other useless gifts. Make your product designs relatable!

Festive gifts for festive people

We all know that there are people who love special occasions with all their heart, so why not lean into it in the form of seasonal clothing, such as T-shirts? Capture that festive spirit with appropriately festive designs! Include a heart-warming quote in the design or play with different seasonal patterns and colours. For example, it is no secret Valentine's day is all about that red! Seasonal apparel is a wonderful present for these people - they will think of the other person every time they turn their festive mode on and jump into these clothes.

This applies not only to apparel, but other products as well - you can create such print designs for mugs, phone cases, tote bags, or any other product! 

Adorable, right?

The moody ones deserve some love too

Keep in mind that just like there are people who love festivities, there are also people who are not fond of all “these times of the year”. Let’s not shame these people, but offer them something they could find heart-warming too. For example, why not create a T-shirt or a sweatshirt with a design they could relate to, such as for Christmas - “My spirit animal is Grinch” text on it, or a cool Grinch design on it. Or for Valentine’s - “Love is in the air? False, nitrogen, oxigen, and other gases are in the air”. For this idea you need to get creative, try to put a smile on those little, “Grinchy” customers of yours! Make them feel like they are not alone!

A twist on the classic Christmas designs

Music and movie designs - can’t go wrong with that

Keen cinema or music fans would definitely love a product with the design of their favorite piece. Though not everyone is an avid fan of cinema or music, everyone has at least one movie, song, or musician they love or that has impacted them in some way. A product with a movie or music band design is a wonderful gift everyone would love to receive (only if the gifter has sniffed out what is that particular piece they love. Otherwise, a random gift might go straight to the attic).

Your task here is to provide the option to purchase such a present. So go into your creative mode and make designs with trending or classy movie themes, designs with the most iconic musicians or their song quotes. For movie themes, a tasteful option would be to create these designs particularly for posters or canvas - nothing makes a sci-fi fan happier than a Star Wars themed poster in an elegant, black frame. Music fans would definitely appreciate a cool T-shirt with their favourite band design or logo. Give them the opportunity to show off their taste! Watch out for copyright, though - 1:1 copies of original designs will probably get taken down. 

Cinema lovers' dream gift

Designs that work for everyone

We all have those people (distant relatives, colleagues etc.) in our lives to whom we wish to show our appreciation in a form of gift, but have no clue what they like or don’t like. This is where a need for a simple, neutral gift that can be given to anyone comes in.

Create designs with some wise quotes or well-wishes - everyone loves to hear some good words and get that dose of positivity from time to time. Canvas with nature sceneries, cute animals and motivating quotes go especially well in offices, so why not try that? Those people who are going to a corporate or family party this year, will definitely sigh in relief and thank you for such products.

Santa's little helper - Printseekers

Time is ticking and mere ideas of the perfect gift won’t satisfy your customers - you need to make those products available to the customers as soon as possible. But how?

Worry not, because Printseekers little elves will be happy to help you out! As long as you have the designs ready and your online store listings are updated, you have nothing to worry about. The elves will take care of the production and shipping of products as soon as the order is placed by your customers. Not convinced? Read this to learn more about Printseekers print on demand service and how you can benefit from working with us.

Now, start brainstorming for those festive design ideas and check out the Printseekers product catalog for inspiration. And once you are ready, contact the elves!

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