Master Etsy prints – how to sell your designs on Etsy


Etsy is like a creative wonderland, and right now, people are crazy about one thing—cool prints on canvas and posters. Imagine turning your awesome designs into money-making masterpieces! That's exactly what we're diving into today—the how-to of selling canvas prints and posters on Etsy. 

What is Etsy?

Launched in 2005, Etsy is a place to discover handcrafted wonders, vintage treasures, and a digital art scene. Here, creators showcase their heart-driven work to a community that truly values craftsmanship.

What sets Etsy apart? It's the place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary. The Etsy community thrives on individuality and the joy of finding something special. If this is something you associate your products with, Etsy may be the right place to set up your store and find an audience. 

Why Etsy?

  • Existing customer base 
  • Minimal startup and maintenance costs for your shop
  • Effortless setup, a user-friendly interface
  • A thriving community of artists and creatives 

Yet since there are plenty of digital store platforms to choose from, you may need some guidance and help. Here’s a holistic insight into 2 of the most popular platforms—Shopify VS Etsy. 

How to set up an Etsy store with print on demand supplier 

Now, imagine setting up your Etsy shop without the stress of manufacturing and shipping products. That's the beauty of print on demand! In this chapter, we'll go step by step, making your Etsy dreams real with a print on demand partner like Printseekers. 

  1. Create Etsy store 

Let's kick things off – first, you need your Etsy passport! Creating an Etsy account is like opening the door to your creative shop. It's easy! Just follow the sign-up steps in our 2023 guide ‘’How to start an Etsy shop’’. There, you’ll learn how to register, how to pick your shop name, add listings, and more. 

  1. Optimize Etsy store 

Next, you need to make sure people can find you in this vast Etsy world. That’s where optimizing your shop comes in. We’ve a compressive guide on how to optimize your print on demand Etsy business for great success–read it here

It’s crucial to learn about things like product titles, product descriptions, categories, keywords, and more. This will help you become more discoverable. The more discoverable you are, the more likely your prints will find their forever homes.

  1. Integrate your Etsy store with Printseekers 

To get started with Printseekers, first, you'll need to sign up. Simple thing—just share some basic info and set up a secure account. Or, if you're into the quick route, use your Facebook or Google account for a speedy sign-up. 

In case you’re wondering why should you choose Printseekers, the answer is simple:

  • High product quality. Enhance your store with top-notch printing products that guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Personal manager. Your personal manager ensures a personalized touch and quick responses for efficient solutions.
  • Worldwide shipping. Go global with Printseekers' worldwide shipping, connecting your products with customers around the world.
  • Free sample. Free sample to test the product and the process before partnering with us!

Next, choose your billing currency and connect your Etsy shop. Alternatively, you can choose to create orders manually. 

Finally, you'll head over to Etsy for a quick authorization. Log into your Etsy seller account and give the green light for Printseekers to access your shop info. This step is key to streamlining the order and shipping process, making things as smooth as silk.

3.1. Creating orders manually VS connecting the Etsy store to Printseeker

Linking your Etsy store to Printseekers is a strategic move that brings a host of benefits. When both are seamlessly connected, you streamline your business operations.

Manually entering orders is an option too, yet it can be more time-consuming. With the integration, orders from your Etsy shop are automatically processed. Printseekers will access your customer’s order and shipping information. This means the customer's order will be processed and shipped for you. And you? You can focus on what you do best—creating and expanding your product line.

Moreover, linking your shop ensures real-time synchronization of your product catalog. Any changes you make on one platform are reflected. This saves you from the hassle of double data entry.

  1. Fulfill your order 

What happens when you’ve made a sale on Etsy? It’s simple! You send it to Printseekers via our API. 

In essence, as soon as a customer places an order on your Etsy store, Printseekers takes over the printing and shipping processes. This quick and automated workflow not only enhances customer satisfaction but also frees up your time to focus on creativity. 


How to switch print on demand supplier

Switching your Print on Demand (POD) supplier might seem like a big move, but don’t fear. Let's walk through the steps to make this transition smooth and stress-free.

  1. Evaluate your current situation 

First things first. Take a close look at how your current POD supplier is performing. Identify any issues or limitations that are nudging you towards a switch. If you're under contract, dig into the terms and conditions to grasp any potential obligations or penalties tied to the change. 

  1. Research and choose a new supplier

Research and explore different POD suppliers. Look for one that aligns with your business goals, offers the products you desire, and has positive reviews. Consider pricing, production times, shipping costs, and contractual terms before making a decision. You can also place test orders (use features like free samples) to ensure the new supplier's system functions smoothly.

  1. Inform your current supplier 

Once you've made your decision, inform your current supplier of your intention to switch. Be transparent about your reasons for the change. If applicable, close your account with the existing supplier following their procedures.

  1. Set up with the new POD supplier

Sign up with your new POD supplier. Provide the necessary information to create your account and connect your Etsy shop.

Next, familiarize yourself with the new supplier's platform, exploring features and integration options. 

Plus, if any pending orders were affected by the switch, inform customers promptly and provide updates on their orders.

  1. Migrate designs and products

Download any design files or assets from your previous supplier's platform. Upload these files to your new supplier's platform. Ensure accuracy and check for any necessary adjustments. 

Supplement your Etsy income with digital prints 

As we navigate the world of Etsy prints, let's explore a golden opportunity—how digital prints can supplement your income. 

What exactly are Etsy Digital Prints?

Etsy digital prints are digital products that can be transferred into real, touchable wonders. Unlike cases when you provide customers with ready-made physical products, like framed posters or framed canvas, here you only sell the digital file. In short, digital prints are high-quality designs that customers can instantly download and print themselves. 

To distinguish physical products and digital ones, use the Etsy filter option which is available for all the above product categories. Find ‘’Item Format’’ and tick ‘’Digital Download’’ or ‘’Physical Products’’.  

You can find and sell both digital and physical products in categories like: 

Advantages of digital prints

The ability to sell a digital file opens doors to limitless possibilities for your Etsy business, such as: 

  • Broader audience. By offering digital prints, you can reach a broader audience. Digital creations appeal to those seeking instant gratification. In the world of online shopping, accessibility is often the key. With a few clicks, your digital designs can find homes far and wide. 
  • Diversified Etsy portfolio. Adding digital prints to your Etsy portfolio gives your shop versatility. 

Disadvantages of digital prints 

  • Perceived value. While digital prints offer accessibility and instant delivery, they may lack the perceived value associated with physical products. Some customers appreciate the tangible nature of a physical print. This also means that often you can sell physical products for a higher price than digital ones. 
  • Large format printing and framing. Customers purchasing digital prints need to consider the additional steps of large-format printing and framing if they wish to display the artwork physically. This extra effort may be a deterrent for those seeking a hassle-free, ready-to-display product.

How to successfully design and sell your prints on Etsy 

In the bustling world of Etsy, standing out is the key. Here’s how to make your prints a sought-after gem in the Etsy marketplace. 

Design considerations 

The heartbeat of a successful Etsy print lies in its originality and uniqueness. Customers flock to Etsy in search of something special. Your designs should offer just that. Embrace your creative fingerprint. Originality not only attracts attention but also builds a loyal customer base. 

Whether you're a seasoned graphic designer or a novice, there's a plethora of user-friendly tools available to help you. Platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, or even free alternatives like GIMP provide a canvas for your imagination. Dive into tutorials, experiment with features, and watch your designs evolve.

You can choose to sell your digital masterpieces as they are or create physical products. If the latter is the case, ensure compatibility with various printing methods. Consider factors like resolution, color profiles, and file formats to create stunning framed canvases or framed posters.  

Selling & marketing

Here’s how to elevate your shop's visibility: 

  • Social media. Spread the word about your Etsy shop by sharing links to your listings on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Create eye-catching images that instantly grab attention. And here's the kicker—engage with your audience. Throw in some relevant hashtags, and if you're feeling bold, explore running targeted ads to widen your reach. 

  • Collaborations. Explore collaborations with influencers or fellow Etsy sellers to tap into new audiences. Identify individuals whose aesthetic aligns with your brand, and consider partnerships for cross-promotions.

  • Etsy advertising options. Etsy offers advertising tools that can give your shop a visibility boost. Consider investing in promoted listings or Etsy Ads to ensure your prints appear prominently in search results.

  • Providing excellent customer service. Mastering customer service about building a reputation. Nail prompt and clear communication, nudge customers to share their thoughts through reviews, improve your packaging with a personal touch, create a thank-you note, and always, always surpass expectations with the quality of your prints.  

Conclusion: Mastering the art of Etsy prints

Whether you opt for physical prints or venture into the digital domain, finding the right balance can elevate your Etsy shop to new heights. By embracing the strengths of both, navigating the Etsy landscape, and infusing your designs with creativity, you can transform your Etsy shop into a thriving hub. May your prints find their forever homes and your Etsy journey be filled with endless creativity!

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