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Must-sell print products for summer 2023

Find out which print on demand products are trending this summer, why you should sell them in your online shop & what designs to use.


Here comes the summer, and you should prepare your store for this season, because this is the time when people indulge in many activities, festivals, traveling and so on. You can use this season to your advantage in the form of special offers or by creating new product designs, or new, seasonal products! Make your customers happy this season. 

In this article we will focus on the products that you should offer in your custom design print shop and some design ideas for these products. Just a little bit of inspiration for summer 2023.

T-shirts are a safe summer choice

What comes with summer? Music festivals, more frequent traveling, a bunch of sports activities and more. All of these occasions could use some unique design print on demand T-shirts! Most people wear T-shirts daily during summer, because they are comfortable, always in style, and everyone can find one for their taste. Cotton T-shirts are especially great to wear in hot weather, since this is the material that lets your skin breathe. So, from this, we can conclude that T-shirts with your unique designs are a must in your store! But what designs & colors should you offer?

First of all, it is worth noting that the main trending colors in 2023 are kelly green, sunset orange, royal blue, radiant yellow, and the color of the year is very peri. You can either create designs with those colors, or sell T-shirts featuring those colors - that will help make more sales this year, as people like to follow trends.  

Speaking of summer designs for T-shirts, we can suggest spreading positive, warm, and playful vibes. Create designs with a positive quote or an encouraging couple of words. Those don’t have to be deep or anything, like a bold “Stay positive!” will do. People love simplicity. If you want to shake things up, make each word in a different color, that’s playfulness right there.

Just one of many ways how to put a unique spin on a simple quote

Also, you may have noticed that different plant topics are brought up quite often. These days everyone is encouraged to live green and, unsurprisingly, many people try to. Some recycle, some use eco-friendly transportation, some grow their own food or plants. And some have grown attached to their creations.

Social media is full of people proudly showing off their grand, green home decors that they have managed to keep alive and blooming. They love to have a laugh about themselves that they can’t resist buying a new plant every time they visit the store. Designs that signify one’s part in plant society and green thinking would be in quite a demand. For example, you can create tsomething plant-based like a text “Plant mom” or a small (or not so small) design with plants and flowers themselves. Check if it fits the general vibe of your shop, of course!

Designs for different occasions is another direction you can try. Prepare your store with special music festival designs (or any other popular event that you are familiar with), create designs for besties that go to these events together. For example, you can create a design with a text that goes like “If you find me, bring me to my friend” and another design “I am the friend. Bring them to me”. It's a good idea to think of something that would unite friends even more. The best part about such designs is that the concept is universal - you can adapt the same basic idea for all kinds of design styles.

Though don’t forget about those whose best friend is music itself. For them you can create cool underground designs, or something lighter in tone - it depends on the music and your style!

A fun design T-shirt for a music event

Hoodies for extra warmth & style

Not always is it warm enough to wear only a T-shirt (or go shirtless). What if the concert is late at night? So, for these people you can offer soft and comfy hoodies with your designs. The best thing about hoodies is that just like T-shirts, this piece of clothing is also always in style, although it is a bit niche-ey. And since the key to a successful business is to sell products that have a high demand, selling hoodies is a wise choice. Amazingly, a hoodie is one of the few pieces of clothing that looks good on anyone, no matter the size or body type and people love that! The kangaroo pockets that come with it are especially great - you can use those to sneak in snacks anywhere you go! Great for hiking, daily use, comfortable as an active wear, and basically just a wonderful addition to everyone's wardrobe. 

As for the color options for hoodies, you can choose the classic ones - black, navy and gray, they’re classics for a reason! These are the colors that are always in demand and look well with all skin tones. But if you wish to be up to date with the newest trends, then you can go for the aforementioned trending colors - kelly green, sunset orange, royal blue, and radiant yellow. Of course, you can choose apparel colors depending on the design you wish to use - up to you! Printseekers, for example, have more than 60 color options for hoodies!

Speaking of designs, this summer you can sell similar hoodie designs to those that we suggested for T-shirts and use the same trending colors. Small texts, urban and sports-themed designs are the ones that look especially amazing, so do play around with those designs. What you have to take in mind is that positivity is the trend this year. Any positive designs, quotes, or colors will work out just fine. If you are not used to positivity, or simply lack ideas for your new designs, get your inspiration from hippies! No kidding - use the text fonts from the 60s for your designs with quotes and it will look fantastic!

Since a hoodie is warmer than a regular T-shirt, it is a top choice for those who love to wander around in the not-so-hot summer nights, those who enjoy some action on top of a bicycle, skateboard, or a motorcycle, and basically those who get to feel a little bit more of a breeze than others during summer. What we are saying is that these are the people that could use some badass designs, but it’s up to you to choose your target audience and then work out the ideas for designs. Also, people who enjoy rock, metal, and hip-hop music, are keen hoodie enthusiasts, so you can try to go into merch territory and create designs for them - learn what are the most popular artists from these genres and create designs that are relevant to them.

An example for a cute and positive hoodie design

Tote bags are a practical trend

Reusable, eco-friendly, stylish, durable - that’s what kind of a bag is a tote bag. The best alternative to plastic bags and our tool to save the turtles. More and more people nowadays opt for fabric bags, not only because they want to live green or save money, but simply because those are surprisingly comfortable and practical! You can carry anything in it, from your chihuahua to groceries, from laptop to gym clothing. They never look out of place, whether at the beach or at the mall. Tote bags are simply the trend now and that’s why they are the product of this summer.

Speaking of colors, if you want to play it safe, we can suggest opting for the classics - black and white. These are the neutral colors that are always in demand. Though if you have looked up tote bags, you must have noticed that there are a lot of natural, “coffee with cream” kind of colored bags. They are quite popular these days, so they are a good option as well!

As for the designs, since tote bags are mostly all about that eco-thinking, people appreciate similar themed designs on them. Create designs with some nature elements, or look up some really inspiring quote from Leonardo Di Caprio and put it on the bag. Though the thing with tote bags is that anything looks good on them - mesmerizing artworks, minimalistic scribbles, simple lines of text, you name it (and then put on your tote bag)! And, since it is summer, you can also add some flowery, sunny, or beachy elements.

Not only the green-thinking youth will buy those bags from you, this is one of the rare products that can prove appealing to older generations as well - such as your granny! This product has a vast demographic due to its practicality, so you should stretch your creative thinking to every age group. If you try hard, invest time and produce your best ideas, you might be able to create a bestseller! 

This color gives the bag a vintage look

Start your summer with Printseekers

If you don’t know already, Printseekers offer print on demand services. That is exactly what you need in order to get those summer products to your customers! And product wise, there are good options for summer collections.

If you got curious about the above-mentioned apparel, we have great quality T-shirts and hoodies, both are made from cotton (100% in T-shirts, 80% in hoodies) and both come in more than 30 colors! It is also worth noting that there are organic cotton T-shirt options as well - perfect for the eco-minded sellers & buyers.

But if tote bags are the ones that caught your attention, we have multiple options - all 100% cotton. Some are made with a horizontal base, giving it a more stable, firm look & feel, while others are smaller and don't have the base.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us, and we will give you answers in no time!

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