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Unlocking Ecommerce Success: Your Comprehensive Guide to the 2024 Marketing Calendar

January 18, 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce, timing is everything. To flourish in the digital marketplace, businesses need to stay one step ahead of the competition, and that means knowing when and how to capitalize on key dates and events.

Get ready to plan your marketing campaigns, promotions, and content around the dates that matter most to your target audience. With this calendar in hand, you'll be well-prepared to navigate the changing tides of e-commerce and drive your business to new heights in the coming year. Let's dive into the calendar, one day at a time, and turn 2024 into a year of e-commerce triumph! 


As the first month of the year, January is famous for being the month to start new habits and make a lifestyle change. In that spirit, as an e-commerce business owner, you can create campaigns around the “New Year, New You” topic in a way you find fitting for your business.

January can also be a quiet month when it comes to purchases. People often have exhausted their resources during the Winter Holiday shopping, so they sometimes try to be more frugal on January.

To remedy that you might consider having a discount for some items to encourage your customers to start the New Year with a treat for themselves. It is often seen that shops offer sales for their products in January.

Or you can use January to work on your relationship with your customers. Participate in conversations, arrange a giveaway, ask for reviews, and make useful free content on social media. All that will come back to you in full force later in the year!

January is veganuary

Veganism enthusiasts in Great Britain in 2014 started a tradition – a veganuary which means a month where carnivores and vegetarians try on veganism for a month. It goes well with the New Year’s theme of starting something new. If veganism aligns with your company’s values, embrace this trend and join in! 

January 1 – New Year’s Day

On this national holiday, be sure to wish your customers a “Happy New Year!” and maybe give them a virtual gift to start the new year right. You can also create a 30-day challenge to help your customers stick to their New Year's resolutions. Supplement that with recommendations for products from your shop that can help people stick to their goals and achieve more.

January 2 – Science Fiction Day

It is the day to appreciate Science Fiction as a genre. Use quotes, images, movie and book references as your marketing strategy. There are millions of people who are fans of different science fiction franchises and on this day, you can target them directly. 

January 4  – World Braille Day

Millions of people in the U.S. alone have some kind of vision loss. By celebrating World Braille Day, you will be raising awareness about blindness and educating your customers. To achieve wider audience of customers, you can start adding picture descriptions to your images on social media for people who use screen reader or collaborate with a blind content creator.

January  6 – National Technology Day

Nowadays technology is a lifestyle. It gives us freedom and more opportunities than ever. The best way to celebrate National Technology Day is by launching a new feature on your e-commerce website. But if that’s not in the plans, you can share existing tech solutions your business uses or create content in collaboration with an AI (Artificial Intelligence).

January 10 – National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Since the modern human spends so much time inside, the longing for the outdoors has opened indoors for lots of houseplants. Join in the houseplant lifestyle by showing off your office’s indoor plants or making a contest amongst your employees to find out who is the biggest #PlantLady or #PlantGentlmen! It is a wholesome content that will warm your customers’ hearts. On top of that, you can offer merch with houseplant quotes and illustrations.

January 13 – National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day is a great moment to highlight your sticker stock and maybe even give your customers some kind of good deal, for example, buy 2, get 3. If you offer customized sticker designs, it is an opportunity to educate on why stickers are a great marketing tool. Choose the option that suits you best!

January 14 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It is a perfect occasion for a Social Media post. Use a Martin Luther King Jr. quote or an idea. Share good thoughts and wisdom!

January 14 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

It is a perfect occasion for a Social Media post. Use a Martin Luther King Jr. quote or an idea. Share good thoughts and wisdom!

Does your company sell gift cards? Be a help to your customers and remind them to use theirs! It will show that you care about your clients and it might even bring in more income and new clients in the future.

January 21 – National Sweatpants Day

If you have a print on demand shop that sells t-shirts or hoodies, National Sweatpants Day is one to celebrate. Sweatpants are part of the athleisure family and they go perfect with t-shirts and hoodies. Ask your clients to send in pictures of how they style your items with sweatpants!

January 22 – National Polka Dot Day

Celebrate this day by releasing a special line with polka dot print. Or maybe you already have something with this print in your stock? Time to highlight it! 

January 24 – National Compliment Day

Use National Compliment Day to send out compliments to your clients in the weekly newsletter. Or share on social media compliments clients have sent to you. It is a great way to spread positivity and remind clients of yourself and the good job you do.

January 28 – Data Privacy Day

From 2018 we all are concerned about our privacy online and how companies use and share our private data. This is the perfect day to remind your clients about your privacy standards, how you use their data, and ensure that you have your clients' best interests at heart.

January 31 – Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

If your business has a creative part (for example, you do t-shirt designs, canvas prints, etc), this is the day to celebrate! It is a perfect moment to release a new, creative designs or ponder over the best ones you already have in your store. It is also a great possibility to share a personal story of how a design came to be. Remember that a strong story is the best selling point.


After the possibly slow start of January, in February people are ready to take part in consumer economics again. Share what’s new in your shop, show off your great products and explain how they can improve your customers’ lives! Celebrations like Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day give room for love and friendship themed products.

February is the Black History Month

Show your support to the black community by sharing initiatives that support black people thriving. That may include participating in activities that support black-owned businesses, donating to the Black Lives Matter movement, or sharing stories of Black people who work in or with your company. Be mindful, and respectful, and give extra voice to people who know black history the best!

February 4* - Grammy Awards

*moving date

Millions of people around the globe follow Grammy Awards. It is the perfect moment to use short phrases from the nominee's song lyrics in your marketing strategy! You can also use catchphrases of nominated artists or give song nominations to your products. Be creative! Just remember to check copyright law if you use precise song lyrics or anything else from materials that are protected by it.

February 9 – World Pizza Day

It will be hard to find a person who doesn’t like pizza. Use it to your advantage! Target all pizza lovers with a pizza-themed marketing campaign. You can use it as simply as an Instagram poll for favorite toppings or go further and honor this day with a new print on demand design that has a connection with pizza.

February 10* - Chinese New Year

*moving date

The year of the dragon is approaching! Chinese New Year is perfect for a new merch drop with the talisman of the year. Put your spin on the idea and let people enjoy your fruits of labor. And if merch is not in the cards at the moment, use Chinese New Year’s as a conversation starter with your customers.

February 11* – Super Bowl Sunday

*moving date

The Super Bowl is a sporting event that almost everyone in the U.S. is following. If you use Super Bowl in your marketing strategies, the main thing you need to remember is that there are some rules and guidelines to follow, since a lot of Super Bowl related content is copyrighted.

Don’t use terms: Super Bowl, Super Sunday, GameDay, Back to Football, and 1st and GOAL. You CAN use: Big Game.

Avoid any Super Bowl and team colors, fonts, and other designs. As well as don’t use the names of players and teams. You CAN use: player numbers and general football terms.

Before you publish anything, make sure to do your own research!

February 11 – National White T-shirt Day

A white t-shirt is a symbol of a day in history when one of the biggest employee strikes in auto industry history was resolved. Nowadays, this day reminds us to pay attention to working conditions in manufacturing.

If you have some kind of manufacturing going on in your business this is a perfect moment to let your customers know how good the working conditions are and what happens behind the curtain.

February 13 – Galentine’s Day

Your love-themed marketing campaigns start with Galentine’s Day and go into Valentine’s the next day. Galentine’s is the perfect day to offer promotions like “2 for 1” and “one for you, one for a friend”. Different friendship-themed prints are also a good idea for this time of the year.

February 14 – Valentine's Day

It’s the official Day of Hearts! For days like these, it is best to prepare in advance. Start your Valentine’s Day campaigns early so people have time to purchase gifts for their romantic partners. You can also use this day to send to your e-mail list a special love letter that includes a discount code as an appreciation for their love of your brand.

February 17 – National Random Acts of Kindness Day

It is always a good idea to spread kindness. Use this day to emphasize your company’s work culture! People are more likely to purchase from a company that is kind to their employees and that encourages a positive work environment. It also translates to customer service and good customer service is one of the keys to satisfied customers.

February 19* – President’s Day

*moving date – 3rd Monday of February

Washington and Lincoln's quotes and illustrations are a great way to commemorate this day. Share pieces of history, inspirational stories from Lincoln’s and Washington's lives and combine it with new print on demand merch or stickers!

February 20 – National Comfy Day

Are you a print on demand e-commerce shop owner that sells t-shirts and hoodies? This is the perfect day to celebrate your brand! Use this day to remind people that there is nothing more comfortable than your t-shirts and hoodies. You can ask people to participate in a campaign where they send in photos of them in your comfy outfits.

February 27 – National Retro Day

Retro is so in style! Bring out your retro designs and put them in the storefront for this day. You can also create ads and flyers with a retro feel or reply to messages in an old-school manner. Don’t forget to make an Instagram reel or TikTok about your Retro Day shenanigans.


Spring is here! Even though March is the coldest of spring months (if you live in a changing-season region) you can start celebrating the hope for warmer weather with the first day of March. Bring out your Spring-themed items, accessories, designs, and marketing materials. Tempt your customers with the promise of warmer days ahead. It will warm them up for spring purchases!

March is the Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

There are lots of parents who have children with developmental disabilities. You can show support and respect to them by creating initiatives that help people with these disabilities live better lives. These campaigns can not only raise great funds for people in need and share empathy and acceptance but also work wonders for your PR.

March 1* – Global Employee Appreciation Day

*moving date – 1st Friday of March

Employees are a core cog in the system for your company to run smoothly. You should every day create an environment for your employees where they feel appreciated, challenged professionally, and accepted. The Global Employee Appreciation Day is a perfect occasion to show extra love to your employees – whether it is a bonus, a free day, a gift, a compliment, or lunch, make sure you take extra care of people who work for you on this day.

March 3 – Global Wildlife Day

Nature is part of who we are and that includes wildlife. In honor of this day share all the animal prints you have in your store – from cute bunny illustrations to sneaky snakes. You can also make an action where you donate a percentage of the profit from these specific items to a wildlife preservation fund!

March 4 – National Grammar Day

Grammar matters! However, we all make mistakes. This is a perfect moment to show some vulnerability and share some grammar mishaps that might have happened in your company, either in inner communication or with clients. Just remember to be respectful and choose situations that evoke some laughter, not judgment. Another option is to create some funny memes or t-shirt prints with grammar jokes. People love a good grammar pun! 

March 8 – International Women’s Day

This is the day for the ladies. Take extra care of women who work for you as well as of women who are your customers. You can run a specific sale for women or offer a Women’s Day gift ideas guide that men can use. You can also send out a small complimentary gift for all purchases that have to be delivered on March 8 and are delivered to a woman’s name. That would be a wonderful surprise!

March 10* – The Academy Awards (Oscars)

*moving date

Movie quotes and best actors – this is the perfect opportunity to link your products with this historical event. You can create your own Academy Awards campaign where you give your products nominations or better yet, include your customers in the voting. That way you can showcase your inventory in an interesting and timely way!

March 14 – National Pi Day

Either you love or hate math but nevertheless, we cannot deny we need it. And that’s what National Pi Day is celebrating – the importance of math by teaching the world about the mathematical constant Pi. If you have some good geeky math (or even Pi) prints, it is the perfect time to bring them out! You can also offer a discount for your items in the amount of 3,14% as a contribution to Pi Day.

March 17 – St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day is a fun celebration that started as a religious holiday but now is more about appreciating the Irish heritage. Lucky charms, parades, pots of gold and green everywhere. Introduce some St. Patrick's Day talismans into your marketing campaign!

March 20 – International Day of Happiness

Spread a little happiness! Share the sweetest customer stories and the best interactions between your employees or clients. Ask your customers to do the same and to everyone who shares, send them something to boost their happiness meter even higher! Maybe it is a coupon code, a free gift, a compliment, or a donation in their name, find the best option for you.

March 31 – National Prom Day

Prom is a special moment in every teen’s life. Even though proms are held on different dates in every school, this prom day is meant to celebrate the history and importance of a prom in young adult’s lives. It is a good opportunity to share your employees’ or customers’ prom pictures and offer a prize for the best story/picture! Or maybe you have special merch for the event? Be sure to bring it out as well!

March 31* – Easter Sunday

*moving date

Easter is an important celebration for lots of families in the U.S. It is a religious holiday so not all people celebrate it but there are plenty of those who do. It is best to build your Easter campaigns before the actual Easter to address people who would be interested in it. But keep in mind that 40 days before Easter some Christians do a fast and sometimes it includes not just food, but also fun activity restrictions that might include shopping.


In April nature is waking up, leaves are budding, and the sun is shining. It brings people to think about spring-cleaning, replacing the old with the new, and refreshing home decor. It is also a time for wardrobe change from winter to spring, so people will be looking for new items that fit the season.

April is the stress awareness month

These days, almost all adults are affected by chronic stress. The never ending to-do lists, constant accessibility via smart devices, the fast pace of the work environment, and overall high demand to always perform at 100%. High performance is also in demand for teenagers and college students, so we can say that stress is definitely a 21st-century problem that we need to combat.

During the stress awareness month, how can you as an employer and business owner reduce stress for your employees and customers? Think about good ways to bring more peace into their daily lives!

April 1* – Easter Monday

*moving date

Most likely people will spend this day with their families and loved ones, so don’t plan any big campaigns on Easter day. Rather focus your marketing efforts on time before Easter.

April 1 – April Fool’s Day

Use the April Fool's Day to spread some laughter! But do so mindfully since this year April Fool’s Day aligns with Easter Monday. Think of a clever and tasteful prank or joke that your customers would enjoy. Make sure it is not offensive and that you clearly mark it as an “April Fool’s” joke afterward. But other than that, joke away!

April 3 – National World Party Day

Parties are a great way to socialize with friends and acquaintances. Does your shop offer something that can be useful for party planners and attendees? Bring out the good stuff and share your party wisdom!

April 10 – National Sibling Day

Brothers and sisters – we love them and we hate them. But nevertheless, we appreciate them in our lives. Use this day to promote items in your shop that would work well for siblings – either it is the same item in different colors or tote bags with clever sibling quotes. Sibling discounts and giveaways are also a good idea!

April 11 – National Pet Day

The bond between a human and his pet is indescribable. This is the perfect occasion to ask your clients to share their pet pictures and stories and give a good prize to the best one. Some employees can bring their pets to work if that’s appropriate and you can have a pet gathering/party!

April 18 – National Exercise Day

Wear your company apparel t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, and create a fun exercise video with your employees! Inspire your customers to exercise and remind them that your shop offers good options to wear to a casual sporting event.

April 22 – Earth Day

Appreciating and protecting the natural resources Earth provides us with is an honor. You can participate in Earth Day by showing your efforts in reducing waste and improving your company’s environmental efficiency.

April 23 – World Book Day

TV and the internet have not destroyed human love for a good book. If nothing else, they have made the booklovers' community even stronger. Use this day to sell items that are related to books – apparel with quotes, book designs, etc. As part of a marketing campaign, you can ask clients to share their favorite books and quotes on Social Media. Or add popular quotes to your items in the shop and if a client can name the author, they get a discount.


It is almost the end of the school year and even though the month is tough and often packed with exams and exam preparations, it is also a time when proms happen and plans for the summer are made. Dive into this exciting time by promoting items in your shop that are useful for exams and summer fun.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health issues are new to humankind. However, just recently people have realized that it is a serious health matter that needs to be addressed and society needs to be educated on the topic. How you can help? Maybe create a 30-day mental health challenge on Social media, share good tips and resources, and organize donations to an organization that helps people with mental health issues.

May 1* – Met Gala

*moving date – 1st Monday of May

Draw inspiration from Met Gala's most iconic looks for your print designs! It can be the structure, general idea, or color. Not only it will tie your e-commerce business with a timely event but most likely you will also get your creativity pumping! If you own an apparel print on demand shop that focuses on fashion, a blog post about Met Gala is also a good tactic.

May 1 – Global Love Day

If the Met Gala is not your cup of tea, on May 1 there is another celebration – Global Love Day. If Valentine’s Day focuses more on romantic love, and Galentine’s on love between friends, then on May 1, it’s about overall love for humankind. How much more happier we would be if we loved more, and hated less. If this message resonates with you and your business, use this day to remind your customers that you support all races, nations, and religions and that empathy and love will always win!

May 3 – National Textiles Day

As a print on demand shop owner, you definitely print your designs on textiles. This is the perfect opportunity for you to educate your clients and potential customers on your textile selection and care practices.

May 4 – Star Wars Day

May the fourth be with you! Don’t miss this opportunity to include a Star Wars theme in your marketing. It is a science fiction franchise with millions of fans around the globe, and some of them are definitely your potential customers. Social Media posts on the topic, a discount, or a new design on the theme – all good ideas.

May 5 – National Astronaut Day

Following Star Wars Day, on May 5 we celebrate National Astronaut Day and keep the space exploration theme going. Do you have designs with astronauts? Are you curious about outer space? Use all this curiosity to create a fun marketing campaign around the astronaut topic!

May 7 – National Packaging Design Day

How do your products arrive to your customers? Most likely neatly packaged! On this day, share your packaging stories with your customers. Gather some interesting facts and numbers, show what kind of packaging you have, share how to recycle it or reuse it, etc. Today, in the center of attention is your product packaging, not the product itself!

May 9 – Europe Day

Do you have partners or clients in Europe? Remember to congratulate them on Europe Day! Even though lots of European countries celebrate their national holidays with more enthusiasm than Europe Day, it is still a notable holiday, and no one in Europe will be offended if you send them “Happy Europe Day!” wishes.

May 12* – Mother’s Day

*moving date – 2nd Sunday of May

Children (big and small) all over the world love their mothers and want to delight them on Mother’s Day. Be sure you have made a great Mother’s Day gift selection on your e-commerce shop and that your customers can easily find it.

May 15 – International Day Of Families

Family is a very important part of every human’s life, and because of that it is important to celebrate your family and roots where you come from. Marketing campaign ideas may include discounts for bigger families (3 or more children), free gifts for smaller kids or parents. 

May 17 – National Bike to Work Day

If you support a sustainable lifestyle as a company, this is a perfect incentive to talk about on your Social Media. Also, if you sell print on demand t-shirts or hoodies – they are the perfect outfit for biking!

May 21 – World Day For Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is beautiful and it enriches our lives. There are different ways you can give tribute to this day. Maybe you have in your team people from different cultural backgrounds? Let them share their story on your Social Media! Maybe you have print designs inspired by different cultures? Let them shine!

May 25 – International Plastic Free Day

At this moment in history, it is almost impossible to run a product business free of plastic. Even if your product doesn’t contain plastic, the packaging might. That said, maybe there is still something you do as a business to reduce plastic waste. If there is, this is the moment to share that information with your clients! Sustainability-loving customers will love it.

May 27* – Memorial Day

*moving date – last Monday of May

A national holiday to remember and honor U.S. soldiers who have died during service. If you want to show your appreciation to people in military service, you can provide Memorial Day discounts to military families (or all customers).

May 30 – National Creativity Day

Owning a print on demand business and managing designs is a creative job. So, National Creativity Day is something you can celebrate in your shop! You can come up with extra creative designs or give respect to your designers by telling more about them to your customers. It is also a good time to share stories about how some of the designs came to be – what’s behind all that creativity?

May 31 – National Smile Day

Smile is a language everyone speaks. There are different ways you can make your customers smile. Of course, they would love a discount, but aside from that – try a very personalized e-mail or a heartfelt story. Share a baby animal video or a funny picture. Maybe you have apparel in your shop that goes well with the smile theme? Share it with your customers!


The summer is here and June is the time to switch all your marketing efforts to summer vibes, colors, and mood if you haven’t already. It’s all colorful, bright, breezy, and fun – summer is here to be enjoyed! Keep that in mind when you make marketing plan decisions and campaigns.

June is Pride Month

Celebrate #loveislove! Decorate your social media profiles with the pride flag and bring forward to the storefront print on demand items with pride designs. T-shirts, hoodies, tote bags – all are great accessories to wear all year around, in pride month, or even to the pride.

June 1 – National Say Something Nice Day

What a perfect opportunity to start a comment thread on Social Media! Post a reel of employee no. 1 saying something nice to employee no. 2. Then employee no. 2 says something nice to employee no. 3, and so on. Ask your Instagram and TikTok followers to do the same – invite them to comment something nice about the person who commented before them! It will not only bring out good vibes but also boost your Social Media engagement.

June 5 – World Environment Day

A day created by the United Nations to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. If you offer environmentally conscious products in your e-commerce shop, it is the moment to showcase them. Also, if you do any other environmentally friendly practices, share them with your customers! They want to know that you care.

June 8 – National Best Friends Day

Why not make special t-shirt designs for best friends? It would be such a cute idea how to give your customer a chance to celebrate National Best Friends Day! Make the designs versatile and creative. And make sure to promote them before June 8, so friends have time to buy them, so they can gift the t-shirt to their special BFF on this day!

June 14 – National Flag Day

If you have any patriotic designs in your e-commerce shop this is the moment to bring them out from the back to the front. Maybe you have something in flag colors – red, white, or blue. You can also use flag history facts in your Social Media posts, and as a fan favorite – post a reference to Sheldon Copper from “The Big Bang Theory” who loved flags.

June 16* – Father’s Day

*Moving date – 3rd Sunday of June

Print on demand apparel as a gift for Father’s Day is one of the best ideas. So, be ready! Prep your shop for this day and create lots of good designs around the Fatherhood theme. Offer t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts with great prints and interesting designs.

June 21 – International T-shirt Day

The T-shirt is a very versatile clothing item that hasn’t lost its charm even after decades. It is something that withstands fashion eras, stays strong, and supports the need for people to feel comfortable. Every decade has some specific style, but a t-shirt is a t-shirt. If you sell t-shirts in your e-commerce shop, find ways to integrate this day into your marketing campaign!

June 30 – Social Media Day

So many businesses these days rely on social media to help them spread the word and get new customers. Acknowledge that on this day and create a special giveaway just for your Social Media followers! Ask them to tag you in their pictures (preferably when they are wearing your items), share those pictures, and to the most creative or sweetest one send a special gift.


The middle of summer, the month of the Independence Day. It is a time when a lot of people go on vacations, travel around the country, or leave for trips abroad. July is a chill month when people let loose and enjoy the joys of summer. Try to use that in your marketing campaigns! Also, July is perfect for summer sales if you are planning one. 

Plastic-Free July

Plastic pollution is something we all know about, but it is also something that is hard to eradicate, since we have involved plastic in almost every modern life process. Nevertheless, if you have the option, try and reduce your plastic waste as a company – introduce plastic-free office alternatives, think about reducing the plastic amount in your products or packaging, and encourage your employees and customers to do the same. Share your efforts on Social Media and your website and they won’t go unnoticed!

July 4 – Independence Day

July is kicking off with a bold and strong Independence Day celebration. Decorate your webpage and social media profiles with the American flag and share interesting facts about America or the history of Independence Day on your Social Media profiles. Put patriotic items in the storefront – it can also be items in blue, red, and white.

July 7 – National Day Of Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Rock’n’roll can give a little bit of a throwback feel – embrace it and dance away! It is a great moment to talk about your polka dot items, bows, or retro designs. Maybe you have a print with Elvis Presley or vintage-looking rock’n’roll dancers? If that’s you – make sure you give the spotlight to the best rock’n’roll-type items in your shop on this day!

July 12 – National Simplicity Day

Do you have any simple or minimalistic designs in your shop? Make sure you share these items with your customers on the National Simplicity Day! Also, there is nothing more simple than a t-shirt for a clothing item, so this day perfectly aligns with print on demand shop idea. 

July 17 – World Emoji Day

A message without an emoji seems so blank and unemotional. Emojis have definitely brought texting to new heights allowing to express much more than words can say. Play around with the emoji theme! Create an ad without words, just with emoji symbols, ask your customers to share their favorite emojis, or create merch with emoji symbols.

July 18 – World Listening Day

Even though the core of World Listening Day is to listen to the nature sounds and the surrounding environment, you can use it to listen to your customers and employees. Create a suggestions box on Social Media or send e-mails to your newsletter subscribers asking them to reply with whatever they have to say about your brand. You don’t need to answer, it is a listening day after all. But that way you can gather lots of useful information about what is working and what you can improve.

July 20 – National Moon Day

The moon landing was a big step for the whole of humankind. It opened our minds to new heights of what can be possible. On this day – dream big! Share your merch with a moon and space theme, and items with profound quotes that inspire to do more.

July 21* – National Ice Cream Day

*Moving date – 3rd Sunday in July

Who doesn’t love a scoop of good ice cream? Scoop your customer a sweet deal for your products on this day! You can also “freeze” aka prolong some of your ongoing campaigns as part of the Ice Cream Day. Or if you have merch with an ice cream theme – it is time to bring it out and offer it directly to your potential clients.

July 24 – International Self-Care Day

Self-care can be expressed in different ways. But it is sure that self-care feels so much better in comfy clothes. If your print on demand shop offers comfortable clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, etc, be sure to promote these items on International Self-care Day! This would be a perfect time to collaborate with a beauty brand and throw in with every purchase a sample of some kind of self-care product.

July 26* – Start of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

*moving date – every four years the dates are chosen by the host country around the end of July/start of August

It is the start of the Summer Olympics! Share your passion for sports and the USA team by creating special Olympics merch. You can use this event to also promote good exercise for everyone not only professional athletes. However, be cautious when you use the Olympic symbols and other attributes in your marketing campaigns or designs – you don’t want to step on any copyright laws.

July 29 – International Tiger Day

Does your shop offer items with tiger print? Maybe you have beautiful canvases with tiger pictures in the natural habitat? Share all your tiger merch and marry it with a great incentive to raise money and awareness for tiger conservation.

July 30 – International Day of Friendship

Friends are the family we choose. Highlight all your items that would work well as gifts for friends. You can make a social media campaign where you ask to share your audience friendship pictures or stories (and tag you) and the best one gets a gift. Or create a special discount or offer for friends, so they can get cute, matching items from your shop to celebrate their friendship.


The summer is slowly coming to an end, and it is time to start thinking about back-to-school campaigns. Share your best school items, best outfits for school, and overall tips on how to get ready for the new school year. It applies to schoolchildren as well as college students. Even adults like to get ready for the upcoming colder season – starting a new hobby, changing their wardrobe or taking a course to develop new skills.

August is the Black Business Month

Show your support to the black community! Do you work with Black-owned businesses? Maybe you are a black-owned business? Share your stories and collaborations! Shine a light on black businesses that bring amazing products and services into this World.

August 1 – National Girlfriends Day

A friendship between two or more women is special. And that is what this day celebrates. Join in the festivities! There are lots of opportunities to use this occasion for Social Media posts or marketing prompts. Share friendship stories, offer deals for girlfriends, and show off your best feminism or friendship items.

August 8 – International Cat Day

Cats are beloved human companions that help us relax with the rhythmical purring and fluffy fur, and keep us entertained with shenanigans that only cats can pull off. Share your love for cats with your customers! Showcase your shop items with cat-theme, share cute cat photos on social media and even ask your audience to participate by sending in their adorable cat pics.

August 9 – International Day of The World’s Indigenous People

To this day there are issues that only indigenous people face. Be a part of the change by talking about this topic, working with indigenous people, and sharing their culture and art through your print on demand designs. Look for ways how you can show your support but still be respectful!

August 9 – National Book Lovers’ Day

On August 9, there is another celebration day – National Book Lovers’ Day! Talk about books on Social Media and highlight merch that celebrates reading. Maybe you can even do a collaboration with a bookstore or book review content creator? There are definitely some good opportunities for marketing!

August 10 – National Lazy Day

There is no better outfit for a lazy day than leisure wear. Pair it with fun and “lazy” print on demand designs and you got yourself a gold mine. Showcase all your t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and other items that fit the bill.

August 11 – National Son’s and Daughter's Day

This is the day people celebrate family and their children. Make sure you are ready for people who want to celebrate their sons and daughters by creating sibling merch. And remember to remind your customers a few weeks before that this day is coming!

August 11* – End of Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

*Moving date

The end of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics is the perfect moment to celebrate publicly all the athletes who won medals. As a bonus, you can mention your shop items that support a fitness lifestyle – either t-shirts with inspirational texts or hoodies for staying warm after a workout. Just remember to be mindful about using Olympic symbols, so you don’t violate any copyright laws!

August 14* – World Calligraphy Day

*Moving date – 2nd Wednesday of August

If you sell designs with beautiful calligraphy prints, this is the day to showcase them in your shop. Share the items as well as the story behind them – how the design and calligraphy came to be.

August 16 – National Tell a Joke Day

Have fun and tell a joke! Share on your social media funny jokes, ask your audience to comment on the post with their favorite joke or ask them to share their joke in Instagram Stories and tag you. That way you get a good social media engagement boost and you have made a lot of people laugh.

August 17 – National Nonprofit Day

Altruistic activities speak loudly about your values as a company. And especially nowadays, customers care what your company values are. So, be bold and share the nonprofit organizations you support! In addition to that, you can create a campaign where you donate some percentage of profits to nonprofit organizations of your choosing. That way your customers can be a part of a good change as well!

August 19 – World Photography Day

This is the perfect occasion to create a giveaway contest for the best picture of your product.  All customers who have bought your items can participate. All they need to do is take a creative photo of your product (wearing it, styling it, product photo, etc) and tag you in the picture. The best photo wins a prize!

August 26 – International Dog Day

On this day, bring all your marketing attention to dog lovers. How? Create photoshopped ads of dogs instead of humans wearing your shop's apparel. Or make merch with dog quotes or dog pictures/illustrations. Maybe you have an office dog? Share pictures or videos on Social Media and ask your audience to join in by sharing content of their pet! 

August 29 – National Lemon Juice Day

Turn those lemons into lemonade! Be vulnerable and share how you as an entrepreneur or business have gotten up after a hard time. Maybe you can create a good interview on this topic on the blog? As a neat side effect – use items from your shop for the interview photoshoot and make them shoppable!


With September approaching also fades the innocence and breeziness of summer. The school has started, the weather is turning colder and people slowly start to get ready for the winter. Some will want to hold on to the warmth a little bit longer, but others will want to go deep into prepping for colder months. A good idea is to start September slow and still keep up the summer mood but towards the end of September mature and grow into an Autumnal vibe.

September is a national self-care month and suicide prevention awareness month

September is not joking around. The monthly theme is quite serious and brings attention to two deep topics. If suicide prevention seems a little bit too dark of a theme (even though needed) there is nothing wrong with focusing more on the self-care aspect of September. You can talk about ways to incorporate self-care in daily life, share stories and tips, and encourage people to take time for themselves. This is a great moment to cooperate with a self-care content creator and create something meaningful together.

September 2* – Labor Day

*moving date – 1st Monday of September

Labor Day celebrates the importance and achievements of American labor workers. It also unofficially marks the end of summer and the start of autumn. As for marketing campaigns, it is a great moment to run end of summer sales and free the inventory (virtual or physical) of summer items and designs.

September 8 – Start Trek Day

Star Trek is one of the best-known Sci-fi franchises that has millions of fans around the World. Dig up the best Star Trek memes and use them to promote your products on Social Media! As a bonus, you can create special merch for Star Trek fans using famous catchphrases (just find the ones that are not copyrighted!) from the franchise.

September 8 – National Grandparents’ Day

*Moving date – 1st Sunday of September after Labor Day

Grandparents hold a special place in people’s hearts, so there is no wonder there is a special day to celebrate that. On this day, share ideas on how to make grandparents smile and definitely include in the list some of your shop items!

September 9 – National Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bear is an ode to every kid’s favorite toy. It can be a bear, an elephant, a rabbit, or a mouse, we all had one and our kids have one too. Use this day to promote the kids’ clothing section of your shop. You can create interesting marketing campaigns, for example, if a client purchases a kid’s t-shirt, they will get a matching t-shirt for their favorite toy.

September 10 – National Swap Ideas Day

Swapping ideas is a great way how to get new insights and solve problems. Why not involve your Social Media audience in the process? In honor of National Swap Ideas Day, ask your audience to share their ideas about what designs you should make, what new products you should offer, and so on! Swap Ideas, and maybe you will find something interesting you should try.

September 12 – National Video Games Day

Video games excite many people. This is a great day to use video game slang and references in your marketing efforts. Target video game players directly by speaking their language! Make sure you position items in your shop right, so video game players can easily find what they are looking for.

September 12* – National School Picture Day

*Moving date – 2nd Thursday of September

Time at school is either something we cherish or truly hate, but nevertheless, we definitely have some embarrassing and funny pictures and stories to tell. Use this day to share your team’s school pictures then and now! Pair it with throwback items (retro designs, school quotes, etc.) from your shop and you got yourself a promotion.

September 15 – Greenpeace Day

This is one of the days when to show off your environmental conservation efforts. If you are reducing waste, using paper over plastic packaging, utilizing recycled materials or choosing organic, environmentally friendly sourced materials in your business, make sure you highlight these actions! It is also a good moment to donate some of the profits to environmental efforts.

September 21 – International Day of Peace

“World Peace” is not just a beauty Queen’s catchphrase. It can mean so much more! Use this day to support peace all around the Globe by raising awareness and donating some of your profits to organizations that support people who have been affected by wars. 

September 22 – National Hobbit Day

Just some of the fictional characters have been so impactful that they have a special celebration day in their honor. And hobbits are one of them! There are definitely lots of Lord of the Rings fans in your clientele, so make sure you address them directly on this day.  Use hobbit slang and Lord of the Rings references.

September 22* – First day of Autumn

*Moving dateEven though it is sad to let go of summer fun, the cold weather is approaching and we cannot deny it. But autumn comes with other fun things like Halloween, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Thanksgiving, colored leaves, and cozy blankets. Use this change of weather to rearrange your shop to fit the season – bring hoodies and warm items to the front and move t-shirts and lighter items to the back. And don’t forget to announce the season change on your Social Media – show off your best autumn goodies!

September 24 – National Punctuation Day

You know the joke about how punctuation can save lives? (Let’s eat grandma! vs Let’s eat, grandma!) Celebrate this day, if you have items in your shop with texts on them – cool quotes, sayings, or even just words. Share your favorite grammar tips and grammar jokes!

September 25 – National Comic Book Day

Comic books are not just for children. A lot of grownups read them and make them! And some of them are definitely in your audience. This is a great day to include in your marketing calendar if you have quirky, fun merch items in your shop. The perfect way to celebrate is by creating a custom comics story and sharing it on your Social Media. You can even make a contest where your customers can send in comic book stories they made, and you can share the winner’s story.

September 26 – National Pancake Day

Who doesn’t love a good pancake for breakfast? Everyone does! Use this day to showcase your items in the shop that go well with the breakfast theme. For example, t-shirts with texts like “Pancake Breakfast” or “Woke up like this”. And as a bonus, treat your employees with a pancake breakfast that you can share on Social Media!

September 30 – National Love People Day

There is too much hate in the world, and this day – National Love People Day – is a wonderful reminder to everyone to spread some love. You can give your customers discounts on this day, but you can also share heart-warming stories, encourage people to be kinder to each other, and share items from your shop that support this idea! 


When October comes around the corner, people are already in a full-on Autumn mood. The weather is getting colder and gloomier, the Autumn photoshoots are taking place and people are looking forward to the seasonal holidays to cheer them up. Use this time to set up your shop for all the cold season goodness! Starting with Halloween and ending with New Year’s.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Raise awareness and funds for this disease during October! You can create a campaign where you donate some percentage of profits to Breast Cancer Research or sell specific merch on your website that almost 100% goes to treatment or research facilities. You can also raise awareness by adding the pink ribbon to your social media profiles.

October 1 – International Coffee Day

Coffee is the main fuel of the modern person – almost everyone drinks coffee in the morning to get the day going. And that is one of the reasons why this popular drink has its own celebratory day. Celebrate this day by sharing fun coffee facts, collaborating with your office’s coffee brand for a project, and highlighting items in your shop that work well with the coffee theme.

October 1 – National Pumpkin Spice Day

Mark your calendars, it’s the official Pumpkin Spice Day! Share your love for this taste with merch that shows off this taste in the most extraordinary ways. Use Pumpkin Spice color theme, quotes, and textures. Inspire people not only to drink but wear their favorite taste!

October 4 – National Golf Lover’s Day

Love for golf continues outside the golf course. Celebrate this day by creating specific Golfer merch. Use Polo shirts and embroidery techniques to achieve maximum coordination with the golf world. And as a bonus, why not take your team out for a golf match? Time well spent together and idea for great Social Media content!

October 5 – World Teacher Day

Teachers often don’t get the recognition they deserve. World Teacher Day is a great reminder to appreciate people who help shape and educate us and the next generation. Create a most impactful/favorite teacher thread on Social Media. Start with your own and ask your audience to tag their favorite teachers. And if you have items in your shop that promote good teaching practices or teacher quotes, share those too!

October 6 – National Plus Size Appreciation Day

This is the day to talk about body positivity and showcase all the sizing you have in your shop. The more inclusive, the better! Make sure you are body-positive not only on this day but all days. Hire plus-size models, tall models, petite, and disabled models to showcase your items on all types of bodies.

October 10 – World Mental Health Day

It is always a good idea to remind people to take care of themselves, but it is especially important on days that are meant to raise awareness about mental health. Make a collaboration with a Mental Health content creator, write a blog post on the topic, and empower your employees to take a mental health day. Top it up with a t-shirt and hoody prints that promote mental health.

October 15 – National I Love Lucy Day

Lighten up your marketing campaigns with an “I Love Lucy” day promotion. It is a popular sitcom that ran in the 1950-ties and is still popular today. Share some fun quotes, memes, and clips from this sitcom and pair it with your shop items that “Lucy would wear today”.

October 21 – National Apple Day

“Eat an apple a day to keep the doctor away!”  Apples are a healthy and beneficial fruit that is available to us in abundance. Celebrate this day by going apple picking with your colleagues, sharing apple recipes on Social Media, and highlighting items in the shop that go with a healthy lifestyle!

October 22 – National Nut Day

Nuts are not only a healthy snack, but they also have made their appearance in different puns and catchphrases. Take, for example, Michelle from “Full House” and her catchphrase “Oh, nuts!”. Use bits like these in your marketing campaigns and show off items in your shop that work well with the nut theme – either by color, text or anything else! Maybe it is just the best hoodie in which to consume peanut butter? Who knows!

October 25 – International Artist’s Day

This is the perfect moment to share the most creative apparel designs you have. It is also a good opportunity to collaborate with an artist and make a design together. You can also say special thank you to all the artists you have worked with to create designs that are already in your shop. It is the day to celebrate the work artists do to bring beauty into this world!

October 26 – National Pumpkin Day

If there is a fruit that characterizes October, it is definitely a pumpkin. On October 26 you can celebrate pumpkin in its all glory! Since Halloween is just around the corner, you can create a pumpkin carving contest at the office, share your pumpkin recipes and show off all your pumpkin merch.

October 31 – Halloween

It’s the spookiest day of the year! It is worth getting ready for this day in advance – start your Halloween marketing campaigns early. As a print on demand shop owner, you can come up with creative ways how a t-shirt can be used as a Halloween costume. The floor is yours – create what you find the most interesting and profitable!


November is an important month for marketing and sales. It holds dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and Winter Holidays are just around the corner – some people start shopping for their Christmas gifts early. Start preparing for November marketing campaigns early, and you will get amazing results during this month. Good luck!

November is Movember – men’s health month

This is the month to raise awareness about Men’s health. Men are tough and strong and because of that they sometimes avoid taking care of their health properly. To shine some light on this issue people often take part in Movember activities with the most popular being not shaving beard and mustache for the whole month.

You can be part of this movement as well. You can offer merch that shows off strong men who take care of themselves, make blog posts about this topic, and create collaborations with specialists. If possible, donations are always a good idea.

November 1 – World Vegan Day

Veganism is a trend that is rising in popularity, and you can be a part of it by creating apparel with fun veganism quotes, illustrations, and prompts. Celebrate this day by buying vegan lunch for all your employees and sharing your experience on Social Media!

November 3 – National Sandwich Day

Sandwich is a national food we all know and love. There are so many different sandwich types and you can celebrate them all on this day. Maybe you even have apparel with sandwich illustrations? Share those items with your audience! Another fun idea is to share interesting facts about sandwiches and the most unusual taste combinations that somehow work. You can also create a Social Media reel where everyone on your team shares their favorite sandwich and you ask the audience to share theirs.

November 8 – National Cappuccino Day

Coming originally from sunny Italy, the foamy cappuccino drink has won over the hearts of people all over the world. It is a coffee drink that lots of people enjoy for breakfast or have as an afternoon pick-me-up. On National Cappuccino Day, share your best coffee quotes, cappuccino recipes, and items that work with a coffee theme.

November 13 – World Kindness Day

Being kind is a virtue that becomes anyone. Use this day to remind people to be kind! Start a kindness thread, share kind stories, and highlight your shop items that promote a kind lifestyle. It can be as simple as a t-shirt with the text “Be Kind” or “Kindness becomes you”. And remember to be kind not only to your customers but also employees!

November 14 – National Pickles Day

There are times when pickles can be a lifesaver. Whether it’s a pregnancy craving or the perfect snack after a good party – pickles can save the day. Be sure to give tribute to this healthy savory snack on National Pickles Day! Maybe you can share your grandma’s pickle recipe on the blog? Or maybe you can have a photoshoot with pickles while wearing a good pickle’s merch! It can be in the green color scheme or have a fun quote, for example, “cute as a cucumber”.

November 15 – America Recycles Day

Recycling is a part of reducing the impact the modern lifestyle has on the environment. This is a perfect moment to show how you are recycling in your office, how your packaging is recyclable, and what people can in general do to recycle better or even reduce trash.

November 17 – National Take a Hike Day

What do you wear on a hike? Something comfortable! Where can you get it? In your shop! That’s right, Take The Hike Day is the perfect occasion to promote items in your shop like t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. If you can manage a photoshoot outdoors on a trail in your gear, that’s amazing!

November 18 – National Princess Day

Every little girl and some boys have played made belief in being a princess. Even grown-ups have their favorite princesses. Use princess quotes and lifestyle choices to promote your items on this day! Create a blog post: “What a princess would wear?” and create collages of items from your shop that fit each princess.

November 19 – International Men’s Day

Men are the rock of our lives and they deserve a special day to remind them how special they are. T-shirts and hoodies are perfect gifts for men since they usually highly appreciate comfort. Make sure prior to this day your customers know that the best gifts for Men’s Day are in your shop.

November 23 – National Espresso Day

Every tasty coffee starts with an espresso. Whether it is a latte or a cappuccino, there will be an espresso in it. On this day, share espresso facts, show off your coffee merch, and enjoy this exhilarating drink!

November 28* – Thanksgiving Day

*Moving Date – 4th Thursday in NovemberDefinitely start your Thanksgiving marketing campaign early! The start of November is a good moment to get ready for this holiday. Create ads with your Thanksgiving items (it can also be just merch with autumnal or kind messages), share on social media, and collaborate with content creators. There are lots of options!

November 29* – Black Friday

*Moving Date – Day After ThanksgivingAs well as you get ready early for Thanksgiving, be sure you know what your Black Friday tactics will be as early as the start of November. Once you have the game plan, you can precisely execute it. Read this article to get ideas for your Black Friday Sales!

November 30* – Small Business Saturday

*Moving Date – Saturday after ThanksgivingIf you are a small business owner, think of ideas how you can marry the Small Business Saturday with Black Friday for your marketing campaigns! Share ideas about why shopping locally and with a small business is beneficial and what it means to you as a business owner. People love to see the face behind a business.

November 30 – Computer Security Day

Computer Security these days are a high priority. Even though there is a lot of information, tips, and safety features, sometimes the right information doesn’t reach all the people. On this day, you can collaborate with a specialist and create content that talks about computer security and what your customers can do to ensure it for themselves.


The end of the year comes with popular celebrations like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year. Aside from that it is a time for people to reflect, make plans, and strive to become better versions of themselves. Find ways how you can be part of your customers’ end-of-the-year routine! From Christmas presents to investments in themselves, make sure you are there to support.

December is Dressember – the month of the Universal Human Rights Movement

Around the Globe people are participating in Dressember – they wear a dress or bow tie every day as an action to bring attention to the Universal Human Rights Movement. It started in 2009 as a one woman’s initiative to do something for people whose human rights have been violated. Now in 2024, it is a movement that raises millions of dollars annually to end human trafficking and resolve other human rights issues.

Join this movement by challenging your team to wear dresses and bow ties for work and donate a specific sum for the days each of them wears these items. Post about htis campaign on Social Media and start a conversation! Educate your audience and ask them to join in as well. Provide trustworthy resources where to donate money for the Universal Human Rights Movement.

December 2* – Cyber Monday

*Moving Date – Monday after ThanksgivingCyber Monday is the final day of the Thanksgiving weekend marketing efforts. It is technically a Monday but it follows Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday used to be a sale day similar to Black Friday but just for online shops. Nowadays online shops also offer deals on Black Friday so Cyber Monday has become a continuation of Black Friday. Use this day to prolong some of the best Black Friday deals in your shop!

December 3 – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

There are millions of people with different kinds of disabilities and some of them definitely are part of your clientele. Be mindful, and raise awareness about the topic of persons with disabilities! Share some good information sources, collaborate with content creators who have disabilities, and share items in the shop that promote inclusivity.

December 5 – International Ninja Day

International Ninja Day is perfect for promoting black items in your shop. If you have products with ninja prints or quotes, promote those too! You can make your marketing ads or social media posts have a ninjas theme and you can use ninja slang. Maybe the whole office can dress up like ninjas on this day? That would be fun for the team and great idea for Social Media photoshoot!

December 9 – Christmas Card Day

This is a great moment to send out your company Christmas cards as well as remind your audience that it is time to purchase a card and send it out. Maybe you have Christmas cards in your shop? Definitely bring them to the front of the store and share the designs with your customers! You can also create a campaign where purchases made on this day get a free Christmas Card.

December 9* – Green Monday

*Moving Date – 2nd Monday in DecemberGreen Monday is a marketing holiday that reminds us that Christmas is getting closer aka people start to rush into Christmas shopping. Orders made on Green Monday are surely to arrive in time for Christmas so that is another thing to remind your customers on this day. When planning marketing campaigns on this day, avoid the name “Green Monday” but use a countdown timer till Christmas instead.

December 10 – Human Rights Day

A day that goes with December awareness campaign. Whether you participate in Dressember or not, this is definitely a day to bring attention to Human Rights Issues. Make sure you share your views and actions. You can also educate your audience and share resources about this topic. Or help them spread the word by selling items in your shop that support Human Rights Movement. You can donate part of the profits from these sales to gain more impact.

December 11 – UNICEF Birthday

Following Human Right Day there is UNICEF’s birthday on December 11. This is a perfect day to talk more about UNICEF, what they do and how people can be of help. You can create a campaign where you donate some percentage to UNICEF from sales made today. If you want, you can even create specific merch that speaks about this topic.

December 14 – Free Shipping Day

As an e-commerce shop owner, this is a celebration day you have to participate in. Offer free shipping for all your items on this day only. Marry this campaign with Christmas campaign to gain more momentum. If free shipping for small items is very disadvantageous, offer free shipping from a certain amount.

December 18 – National Twin Day

On the national twin day, create a fun campaign – if a customer buys two of the same item, they get a discount. You can target twins who want to dress alike or just people who like to wear the same item, or friends who would like to have a friendship t-shirt.

December 21* – Super Saturday (Panic Saturday)

*Moving date – Last Saturday before ChristmasThis is another marketing holiday which marks a pivotal moment for the very last minute Christmas shoppers. If you still can provide shipping till Christmas, Super Saturday is the perfect day for you to share that information alongside with your best sellers. Use paid ads, social media posts or even attempt to create a viral holiday Instagram reel or TikTok video to get as many eyeballs on your products as you can.

December 24 – Christmas Eve

Christmas are a special celebration for a lot of people. It is best to start your Christmas gift shopping marketing campaigns early, as early as right after Thanksgiving. During the advent, showcase your best items in the shop, offer good deals and throw in free shipping if the cart reaches specific amount.

December 25 – Christmas Day

It is time to celebrate Christmas! Most people will already have bought their Christmas presents, so the best you can do is just wish your customers “Merry Christmas!” and share some wholesome Christmas content.

December 25* – Hanukkah Starts

*Moving DateThis is a moment to wish all you Jewish customers Happy Hanukkah! Because Hanukkah is not traditionally celebrated with gifts (but it can be), it is not such a big marketing holiday as Christmas can be. However, you can create some great items for your shop that celebrates Judaism, for example, t-shirts with Hanukkah candles or other Jewish references.

December 29 – Tick Tock Day

No, it is not a holiday for the popular social media platform TikTok. However, it is a celebration to remind us that the end of the year is almost there and that it is a time to reflect and finish unfinished business when possible. On this day, reflect on your year as a business and share your best milestones and events on Social Media! You can ask your audience to share their year’s insights as well.

December 31 – New Year’s Eve 

The year has gone by and it’s already New Year’s Eve! If you have any items in the shop that would go well with New Year’s celebration, make sure you share them with your customers. And last but not least, wish your customers Happy New Year and maybe give them a New Year’s coupon code to start the year with buying something for themselves.

What’s next?

Once you have filled your ecommerce calendar with days you want to celebrate and use as part of your marketing campaign, it is time to start planning! Remember that the best campaigns are the ones that have been prepared early. That way you have time to address to the right audience and you never miss the right timing.

The year ahead is filled with opportunities, and with the right strategies and insights, you can take your online business to new heights. Flexibility and adaptability is a key in the ever-evolving eCommerce world, so stay informed, stay creative, and stay connected with your audience.

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