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Posters are a popular way to display designs - inexpensive and easy to ship. Especially, small posters have great shipping rates. We have have multiple material options for posters, as well as any size you need, including custom sizes. Note that this section contains unframed posters - if you are interested in frames, check out this page!

Click on any of the pod poster products to view more information, and, if you have any questions, feel free to contact a personal manager!

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All you need to know about poster prints

About pod posters

A poster is a piece of high quality paper with a printed design on it that is usually put on a wall as a decoration or somewhere on the streets as a marketing tool. What makes posters different from a basic sheet of paper, is the material. It is usually much heavier and sturdier, doesn't break or bend as easily, feels more premium. Some posters also have additional properties, such as increased reflectiveness (glossy paper). Printseekers offer multiple types of posters, which mostly differ in paper weight and pricing.

Poster technical parameters

As mentioned, the main difference between different posters is their material, so our website features multiple options to choose from. The "standard" is the entry level product, with weight of 189 g / m2. The "advanced" (230 g / m2) is the most popular poster due to a great balance between cost efectiveness and excellent technical properties. Higher up you can find the photo paper glossy and matte versions, which have a distinct look, especially the glossy type, which reflects light, creating a sort of shiny effect. Lastly, for those who want the ultimate poster experience, we have the fine art matte paper material. With a weight of 310 g / m2, it is in a league of its own!

All poster products on our print on demand site have two variations - small sized and regular sized posters. The main reason for this differentiation is that products up to a certain size can be inserted into smaller packaging, which is much easier and more cost effective to ship. Posters from 4x6" to 10x13" fall in this category. The maximum size for posters in general, however, is 79x39". Anything up to that is possible, including custom sizes. Contact us if you're interested in those!

Why sell custom poster prints

Posters have a lot going for them. For starters, you can set decent profit margins - production costs are relatively low, but the final price tag can be high, especially if you sell exclusive, premium art. This product is always in high demand - as it is one of the simpliest and inexpensive print products with a huge size, design, material, price variety. In addition, posters, to some degree, fall in the "impulse buy" category - a person browses products, sees something they like, notices that the price is alright, and orders it on the spot. This especially applies to small posters, which are also super cost effective to ship.

And, at their best, posters are one of the best ways to display art in general, because the large sizes provide all the glory that your pieces deserve! For a more amazing effect, frame them - your customers won't be disappointed.

Design ideas for posters

As for designs, anything goes, really. One major area for poster designs is pop culture, since the creative industry itself uses posters to market their creations, from movies to video games. Geeky stuff has a huge following. You can offer your own versions of famous media, watch out for copyright, though. Other than that, posters have potential everywhere, from entry level, such as kids' educational designs, to upmarket luxury digital paintings. Latter example is definitely frame-worthy!

Similar to canvas, since large sizes are an option, sceneries are a good option - in addition to the great view, they also make rooms feel bigger. So, if you specialize in creating nature & landscape designs or photographs, selling posters might be a great option for you!

Another popular direction is the motivational artwork. Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time, whether at work or private life. A big motivational piece on the wall might just work. There are different approaches to this genre, from witty quotes and wordplays, to imagery of success, such as cars, famous entrepreneurs, powerful animals, you name it.

Last but not least, now is the rise of the personalised poster prints, where customers can choose certain aspects of the final design. Examples include maps with customer-chosen cities, digital pet portraits, favourite recipes & more.

Printseekers as your poster supplier

Print on demand posters is one of our specialties, we have been mastering their production process since day one! Currently, every poster order gets shipped out in 1-3 business days, and then delivered in 2-7 business days, depending on the destination. Product quality is checked multiple times before shipping.

Feel free to contact us - whether you want to start a partnership, inquire about personalized pricing & custom sizes, or if you simply want to ask a question!

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