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Why you should offer wallpaper in your online print shop

We take a look at an underrated print product - wallpaper - and why it's a good idea to sell it.


About wallpaper

There are some print products that are better known than others, such as posters, T-Shirts, canvas and so on. Wallpapers are something different. The main unique feature is that they need to be attached to a surface, cover it, and the result is often permanent. You probably haven't considered wallpaper for your online shop, have you? Well, you should! Let's talk about why wallpaper could be a great addition to your ecommerce business.

Less competition than other prints

While there are shops that produce and sell their own wallpaper and that's their specialty, wallpaper is not super popular as a print on demand dropshipping product. One of the reasons could be that shop owners haven't given this idea a thought. Also, wallpaper selling can be complicated if not done right. So, as a result, most of your competitors simply don't offer such product. However, if you have a supplier who figured it out, like Printseekers, then you can sell it like any other print product.

You can get extra customers who are specifically interested in wallpaper for their home decor projects - from parents preparing a nursery, to AirBnB owners looking to freshen up their space. Wallpaper is trending right now, so here is your chance to offer what people want!

Modern wallpaper technology

One of the main reasons why modern wallpaper is trending, is because it is something entirely different from the stuff that was available in previous century. There are changes in every aspect, most importantly, the installation. Current wallpaper standard is the peel & stick, which works like a big sticker. Customer can simply peel off a small part of the backside, attach it to the wall, smooth it out with a squeegee, and then repeat until done. No glue needed.

Wallpapers are also printed with the same premium quality printers and inks that are used for other print products, so the end result is super sharp and full of color. And, of course, you can print almost any design, as long as it is repeating or is in high quality.

Simple system for wallpaper dropshipping

We have a good system for wallpaper print on demand dropshipping. You get a selection of specific sheet sizes, which you can offer to your customers. They order how much they need and that's it. We take care of everything else - production and shipping.

Wallpaper is profitable

Wallpaper is usually used in room decoration / renovation projects. Due to this you can sell a lot of it, even within a single order! T-Shirts or posters are usually ordered in small numbers, but in contrast, we have worked with wallpaper orders that are 10m² large and more. That's a great profit opportunity!

Give it a chance

The conclusion is simple - wallpaper could be a great addition to your online print shop! There is a lot to gain due to its limited competition, modern technology and potential profitability. Contact us, we'll gladly tell you more!

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