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Branded company apparel – a great way how to boost your brand to new heights

June 23, 2023
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Branded company apparel – a great way how to boost your brand to new heights

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, establishing a strong brand presence has become paramount to success. Companies are continuously seeking innovative ways to enhance their brand visibility and foster a sense of unity among their employees and customers. One strategy that has gained immense popularity is investing in branded company t-shirts and hoodies. These wearable pieces of branded merchandise serve as powerful tools that unite employees and captivate customers, leaving a lasting impression wherever they go. Keep reading to learn more!

Why invest in company apparel

There are several reasons why invest in company apparel, for example, t-shirts and hoodies. It can range from PR strategies to corporate gifts, and more. Let’s see what are the best reasons!

  1. Increased brand visibility

Company t-shirts and hoodies are a great way how to boost your PR strategy. You most likely won’t see the results right away, but they will slowly start to come in the form of new customers and product orders.

  1. Strengthens employee loyalty

Company t-shirts or hoodies can be a unifying element for all your employees. Especially if you have built a brand they are proud to be a part of. If that’s the case, they will wear the company apparel with pride and bring the message to the world that they love where they work. An employee in your company’s clothing outside the work environment is the best compliment you can get as an employer. Is subtle, but powerful.

  1. Helps you show your position on different topics

There are several movements happening in the World, and with customized company apparel you can show your company’s position on the matter. Create custom company merch for Pride, Black Live Matter, or any other movement. Be active! People will love it and your employees too. It makes a strong value statement and customers appreciate brands with which their values align.

  1. Custom gift with a company touch

T-shirts or hoodies can be a fun custom gift to your collaboration partners or even customers. To make it more personal and less corporate, consider adding a quote or illustration to the t-shirt or hoodie that stands out as the prime element of the item. But never forget to add your logo as well!

Another fun idea is to create specific apparel for the person or collaboration partner you want to give the gift. For example, add both your and the other company’s logo to the shirt! Maybe even create a fun illustration showing your collaboration.

Or you can create custom t-shirts or hoodies for your customers. For example, adding texts like “biggest fan of [insert your logo]” or “I kind of like [insert your logo]”, etc. You can create them as funny, sweet, or serious as it best suits your brand.

  1. Opportunity for an extra income

That’s true. You don’t need to give out your company apparel for free. Loyal customers will gladly purchase fun items with your logo and brand message. Start with t-shirts and hoodies, expand to tote bags and canvas, and other items. To make your company apparel into a tempting sales product, make sure you design it right.

Consider adding a text or image, a message that goes beyond your brand name. Make the t-shirt and hoodie modern, fashionable, and, of course, high-quality. Your customers will appreciate the opportunity to show their love for your products by wearing an item you have designed just for them! It is also a great idea to make them limited edition, creating even more suspension over the company’s apparel items.

TEDx t-shirt design

Good company apparel starts with your brand strategy

For people to want to wear your branded apparel you first need to create a brand they love. And then a t-shirt or hoodie is perfect for highlighting your employees’ or customers’ love for your brand. Here are a few tips on how to grow a brand that people enjoy:

  1. Have clear values and stick to them

Clearly communicate your values and then make a point of always following them through. For example, if you value inclusive and equal society in all its forms, be sure to take part in the Pride or Black Lives Matter movements, support people with disabilities, or take part in any other movement that resonates with your brand message. You can then show your support not only through donations, products, customer service, social media posts, and other actions but also with company t-shirts or hoodies with a corresponding design to your cause.

  1. High-quality products

Even though high-quality products are almost a standard nowadays, it is still worth highlighting that a great brand will have products people are excited about and want to tell how amazing they are to everyone who is ready to listen. And with that attitude, your customers and employees will wear your company’s apparel with pride and joy.

  1. Know what’s trending and use it for your brand strategy

People love to be on top of things. They generally like to own modern items, be informed about the hottest trends, and feel like they are keeping a hand on the metaphorical pulse of the World. Don’t disappoint! Create trends or hop quickly on the hottest ones. Use your social media and webpage to show that you are always in front of your competitors when it comes to the newest trends and events. Use company apparel, like t-shirts and hoodies, to emphasize your quickness and knowledge of what’s trendy in the World right now.

  1. Have amazing relationships with employees and customers

No matter what you do, relationships are everything. Take time and create your company the best place to work so everyone knows that working for you is the dream. On the other side of it, make sure you take care of your customers so they know that they will always receive undivided attention, kind interactions, and helpful attitudes from your company’s representatives. Things like that make people love your brand, and they will be happy to wear your company’s logo on a t-shirt or a hoodie. 

Benefits of using print on demand for your company apparel

Print on demand means that the item you order will be printed only when there is demand. It gives you or better yet your customers and employees an option to have preferences and creative freedom when it comes to your company apparel. Here are 4 benefits of partnering with a print on demand supplier!

  1. Employees can choose the right size and style of their apparel item 

We all have different bodies and style preferences. One of the downfalls of company merch is that often companies print a certain type of t-shirt in X amount sizes, and employees need to fight for the right size and have no choice over the style. And that leads to a certain amount of people who are not happy with the company merch and don’t want to wear the item they got.

When you use print on demand services, you can give your employees the freedom to choose the right size for them and even the t-shirt style they prefer. It is a perfect strategy for ensuring that your personnel will wear the company merch you are gifting to them. And that is definitely the goal you want to achieve.

  1. Customers can choose the design they prefer

However, when it comes to customers, you can offer them the choice to choose a design of your company t-shirt or hoodie, that they prefer. Along with size and t-shirt style, of course. People love to choose what resonates with them the most, just remember to not give them too many choices. Three or four designs are definitely enough.

  1. You don’t need to hold an inventory of company apparel items

Don’t overbuy! It is a waste of your financial resources and overall natural resources to produce items that just sit in the warehouse. To avoid that, print t-shirts or hoodies only when you have a need for them, for example, a company event is approaching or you have new employees who need the company merch.

You also don’t need to stock up on items you want to sell to your customers. Once a customer makes an order on your e-commerce store, pass it on to your print on demand supplier and they will print the item and even ship it out to your customer! Easy-peasy. 

  1. Avoid printing hassle, leave it to the pros

Print on demand suppliers work daily with printing tasks. They have printed thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions of items. That ensures that they have the experience, they know the craft, and they can offer the best services possible. At least that is where we are at . We ensure high-quality items, great prints, amazing customer service, and fast shipping. Our personal managers work closely with companies such as yours to ensure you receive the best service possible. Don’t hesitate! Reach out and let’s start creating your company merch! 


Company apparel is a great way how to strengthen your brand. It can serve as a boost to an amazing PR campaign or make employees feel closer to each other and the company they work for. It can also make the connection between your company and your customers much more closer and intimate, leading to higher brand loyalty in the future. Once you decide that you are ready for your first company merch items, make sure you find a good print on demand partner, and then – just start creating!

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