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How to choose the right print on demand products for your store


How to choose the right print on demand products for your store

No matter if you already have a store where you sell print on demand (POD) products with your designs, or just plan to open one - you have to decide which products are worth selling in your particular store as to not invest too much time and resources into products that won’t bring you profit or help you grow your business. In this article, we’ll look at what you have to do in order to choose the right POD products for your store.

A little side note: If you are planning on opening an ecommerce store to sell your goodies, “Shopify vs Etsy: which one is better for your online store?” article is worth taking a look at!

What is print on demand dropshipping?

To make all things clear, let’s define what exactly is print on demand dropshipping.

Print on demand dropshipping is a business model where products are produced and distributed by a POD service provider to the client only when the product is ordered. It means that an online print product store owner partners up with a company that provides a POD service, and this company then handles all the fulfillment and delivery processes, thus the store owner doesn’t have to worry about inventory, manufacturing equipment, finding the best product suppliers, delivery services, etc. 

Since these details are taken care of by another company instead of the store owner, one can focus on other things that are essential for business - marketing, creating new designs, keeping the online store up-to-date, and more. Also, this business model allows great flexibility - the product designs can be changed whenever the store owner wants and there are no pre-made products that need to be sold before jumping into new ideas.

Print on demand with Printseekers

In this article, not to be vague about all the POD products there are in the world, we’ll further focus only on Printseekers POD-related services and products. But what exactly are we, Printseekers? And why is it worth partnering up with us?

What is Printseekers?

It might seem that Printseekers is just another print on demand company, which is not completely wrong, but underneath the name, there is a team of craftsmen and dedicated art enthusiasts that share a goal to help creative minds bring their artworks into this world.

With time and many experiments as well as equipment upgrades, we have learned the best printing techniques for each of our products. With certainty, we can guarantee that each product that’s shipped out of our facility, is in prime condition and will be delivered to your customers by couriers whom we trust to do their job well and on time.

Printseekers team is always up to the task and forthcoming to create POD products with your designs!

The benefits of partnership with Printseekers

  • We offer a free sample for each of our products so you can test out the quality and color saturation of the print; 
  • We provide branding tool options. Branding tools, such as pack-ins will help grow your brand;
  • We provide a personal approach to each of our partners and their orders. Not only do we keep in touch with our partners (you) and comply with their needs, but we also provide in-house fulfillment, which allows us to keep an eye on the order status and make last-minute adjustments;
  • Handmade products. Our canvas are made with love by our experienced craftsmen;
  • Eco-friendly packaging. Speaking of packaging, it’s not only sustainable, but it’s also damage-safe;
  • Special discount offers for bulk orders, experienced shop owners, and in other cases;
  • Store integration options. Now you can integrate your Shopify or Etsy store with Printseekers!

Our eco-friendly packaging is made from sustainable plants.

Why should you pay attention to which products to sell?

Here are the main three reasons why you shouldn’t randomly pick out any product to add to your store:

Some products have a higher demand than others

There are products, that are in demand all year round, and some products have an increase in demand seasonally, or occasionally due to different trends. Invest in products that will bring you a guaranteed profit! For example, if you sell apparel with your designs, note that T-shirts are the products bought by both men and women no matter the season and thus will bring profit all year, but during the cold season, you can offer more hoodies and sweatshirts, since during the months of winter interest in warm clothing will increase. 

The material of a product is another factor that affects the demand. These past years people have been urged by media and various institutions to pay attention to what they consume and surround themselves with. And now, more than ever, people pay attention to product materials. Speaking of POD products, organic cotton apparel, for example, has a higher demand than “traditional” cotton apparel. 

Some products are more profitable than others

More orders don’t always equal more earnings. Well done if you manage to sell half a thousand stickers in a week, but if we look at the earnings, it would come to the same amount of money you would earn by selling one framed poster, for example. Though let’s not take stickers for granted - they are affordable, can be used by anyone anywhere (don’t require “commitment” like wallpaper, for example), and are easy to sell. Such products won’t bring much profit, but will definitely grow your customer base. Evaluate your needs and goals at the moment - is profit the main objective, or attracting new customers is?

The products have to fit your store’s specialty

Various random products in one place will make your store look chaotic and unremarkable, so choose products that fit the store’s assortment. For the purpose of an example, let’s imagine that you run a clothing store. It would be out of place to add wallpaper to the product catalog, isn’t that right? If you already have a customer base, they will be expecting more of the same products you already offer, just in different variations. For example, you have been successfully selling hoodies and sweatshirts and need something new to add to the store - introduce kids’ apparel! Or upgrade the material choice and add different material apparel to the store.

How to choose the right products for your store?

In order to choose products that will benefit your business you have to take care of the following:  

Analyze the demand 

Do a little research - check out what’s trending at the moment in the world of fashion and interior design (check out our blog: ''Design trends 2023 and how to incorporate them into your print on demand designs''), what are the best-selling products in competitor stores, etc. This will help you learn which products are worth adding to your store, or upgrading. But take in mind that if there’s a high demand for a particular product, there will also be high competition with other stores, so make sure your products have truly unique and remarkable designs that stand out among your competitor products!

Another thing you can do is turn to your customers for help! Check if there are any reviews or suggestions considering your products and the assortment. Make use of your social media platforms - interact with your customers in a form of a survey, or ask them to share their suggestions in the comment section. You can do this even if you don’t have an online store yet - your social media followers can be your potential customers, don’t take them for granted!

Determine in which product category your store specializes

Set a product category in which your store specializes, and it will serve as a guideline for new products. Here are some examples of the categories as well as insights of products that Printseekers offer:

Wall art

Do you sell your designs on posters, canvas, or wallpaper? Or believe that your creative talent could and should be put on the walls? If so, you should explore the wall art section to get inspiration and ideas for new print on demand products for your store.


Canvas are a quite popular choice for those who want to upgrade their interior, or spice up plain walls, but are not ready for long-term changes. Affordable, appealing, and quick to install - that’s why so many choose canvas for themselves or as a gift for their loved ones. A simple product that can make your artwork look like a real painting. Also, motivational designs with or without inspiring quotes look wonderful on canvas and are a top-choice wall decorations in various work environments.

Print on demand framed canvas is also an option - the frame adds a sophisticated and neat look to canvas. A wonderful addition to your product catalog if you already sell canvas or plan to do so.

With a frame, any design will look neat.


Posters are easy to install, affordable, as well as recyclable, and don’t damage the wall (unlike canvas, for example, where you have to insert nails into the wall) - that’s why this product is often bought as a temporary interior decoration by renters and students who live in dorms and has a high demand in the market. 

Print on demand posters are great for photographs, as well as animated designs and geeky stuff, of course. Take a peek at our print on demand framed posters - those will take your designs to the next level, and you can definitely sell framed posters for a premium price! 

Our vintage frames in the poster section are elegantly detailed and will complement your designs.


Peel & stick wallpaper (also known as “removable wallpaper”), is easy to install, can be applied to any smooth surface like a huge sticker, and also be taken off of it without leaving any damage! A novel product that gets more and more recognition thanks to its advantages. But it doesn’t mean that traditional wallpaper has been left in the past - those who want long-term result opt for this type of wallpaper. Why don’t you offer both types of wallpaper in your store? 

Print on demand wallpaper, no matter traditional or removable, is one of the most profitable products and it’s due to two reasons - this product is usually ordered in large quantities (since in most cases at least one wall gets covered with it), and it’s commonly used in various DIY projects to cover furniture or any other smooth surface. Think you can handle wallpaper designs? Give it a try!

Wallpaper designs have become more creative and visually pleasing. Offer your unique designs in a form of wallpaper as well!


There always has been and will be a high demand for apparel, since it’s a basic necessity - that’s the main argument why you should try selling custom design apparel. And don’t forget about the kids - they grow up fast and constantly need new clothing, which means more sales to you! Let’s take a closer look at hoodies, T-shirts, and sweatshirts.


Hoodies have never gone out of style and due to their comfort and neat look, are approved of by teenagers as well as young adults, which means that you can put even the craziest of your designs on a hoodie! A hoodie looks good on anyone no matter the size or body type, is extremely comfortable, and can be used for various occasions (as activewear, casual wear, etc.) - these are the reasons why there’s always a high demand for this product. 

Urban designs, as well as graffiti art, goes hand in hand with print on demand hoodies, so if such designs are your specialty, hoodies are a must! And if you want to please more people than just the younglings, introduce zipper hoodies in your store - older generations appreciate the comfort and practicality of zip-up hoodies.

With the right color combination, any kind of design will look wonderful on a hoodie.


Print on demand T-shirts are just the classics, and an essential piece to your store, if you sell custom design apparel. T-shirts are useful for any occasion and can be combined with other pieces of clothing. A very practical and comfortable product, liked by kids, adults, and the elderly as well!

If you want something a bit different to add to your store, check out our print on demand V-neck T-shirts, or long sleeve T-shirts!

In this photo you can see our print on demand women’s V-neck T-shirt. This piece of apparel is made out of 100% cotton.


A sweatshirt is a product in-between T-shirts and hoodies. Sweatshirts look more “organized” than hoodies and are warmer than T-shirts. Suitable for outdoor sports as well as public events. And since the relaxed-wear movement is quite popular, loose, large-size sweatshirts have a decent demand in the market.

For print on demand sweatshirts, you can use similar designs as for hoodies, as well as delicate designs with patterns, lines, and quotes.

Our print on demand sweatshirts are soft, comfortable, and made for high quality printing, so your designs will really shine on them!


Neither of the two categories are relevant to you? It might be that the POD products you sell or just plan to, fall into the accessory category. Hats, socks, face masks, various tech accessories like phone cases, mouse pads, and, of course, bags. These are the most popular POD accessories, but let’s talk more about the bags that we,  Printseekers provide. 

Tote bags

Tote bags are becoming more and more popular because people start to care about the footprint they leave in this world and try to live more eco-friendly. These bags are a reusable and stylish alternative to plastic bags that significantly reduces plastic waste. A surprisingly practical and comfortable product for which the demand is rising fast!

Printseekers offer three types of print on demand tote bags - Shopper,” Salvador,” and Carry”. The “Shopper” and “Salvador” bags are quite similar to each other, where the key difference is their size, but the “Carry” tote bag has a horizontal base at the bottom, which guarantees extra comfort and firmness. 

Tote bags, like this “Shopper” model, are trending worldwide. Make them fashionable with your designs!

Which products work best with your designs?

What kind of designs do you make? Are they sophisticated sceneries of nature? Abstract splashes of color, or perhaps, you have a talent for drawing animated characters? Your designs can give a hint on which products to put them on! For example, canvas go hand in hand with scenery and portrait artwork, and the canvas material texture will only complement the design by giving it a look of a real painting. Analyze the style of your designs and take a look at the above section to find products that fit your work!

Get a custom product for your store

If you have a grand idea for a print on demand product that is a must in your store, we have a special “Your custom product” option for you! Yes, we offer custom print on demand products as well, and all you have to do is contact us and tell us your idea about the product, so we can see if we can implement it!

Consult with an expert in this field

If you are still uncertain about which products to sell in your store, consult with someone who is familiar with ecommerce and print on demand services, for example, our personal managers! We know that the road to a successful POD business can be a tough and confusing one, that’s why offer the help of experienced personal managers, who will provide individual support and all the information you need to propel your business forward.

Ready to choose your products?

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